The main trailer of the China anime movie “The Legend of Hei: Boku ga Eranbu Mirai” (release date on November 7) that captures the tremendous action scene, has been revealed.

“The Legend of Hei: Boku ga Eranbu Mirai” is an animated movie that was produced by HMCH Studio under MTJJ, a China’s manga artist and anime director.
The story takes place in a world where the spirits have lost their habitat due to the destruction of nature by humans, and it revolves around the black cat’s spirit Xiao Hei, who had lost his habitat due to deforestation.

After losing his habitat due to human’s destruction of nature, Xiao Hei (voiced by Kanazawa Hana) together with the spirit, Feng Xi (voiced by Sakurai Takahiro), was invited to an island that is far from the human village.
The trailer depicts the scene where Xiao Hei open his eye after noticing something odd, along with the scene of Feng Xi, Xu Huai (voiced by Saito Souma), Luo Zhu (voiced by Matsuoka Yoshitsugu), and Ten Fu (voiced by Sugita Tomokazu) using their powers while fighting against someone.

Xiao Hei rushed toward Feng Xi after that someone shown his overwhelming strength. Then, it was revealed that the one who attacked Feng Xi and others, was Mugen (voiced by Miyano Mamoru), the powerful executor who is also a human.
Toward Feng Xi’s question “Why did the inn assist you despite being a human”, Mugen answered “I came here to capture you. There is no need for questions.” The trailer ended right away, leaving the viewer curious about future development.

There is one big highlight in the battle scene of this trailer, which is the speed of the free movement while the characters were using their powers, and also the lively battle animation is depicted carefully with the camerawork and the special effect.
After the screening with subtitle in 2019, there were numerous comments praising it quality from the anime fan and anime related personnel, such as, “I must fight with the staff that create this work from now on” and “It so freaking cool! Instead of being sentimental, it makes me felt jealous instead.”

“The Legend of Hei: Boku ga Eranbu Mirai” will be released on November 7. Do enjoy the tremendous battle scene at the big screen and audio system of the theatre.

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