The staff and cast for the short animation titled “Aoi Hane Mitsuekta!”, produced by the new company of Studio Colorido’s founder Uda Hideo called Noovo Inc., have been announced.

This animation is completely produced with new stories based on the original picture book. It depicts an adventure of the siblings, Hayato and Hina, who get along well.Mori Nanako was assigned as Hayato and Endou Runa was assigned as Hina.
Moreover, AGRS Co.Ltd, founded by Sugita Tomokazu, will participate in the production as music producer and cooperator. Sugita himself also appears in the anime as the role of a crow.
The comments from the main cast have arrived.
“Aoi Hane Mitsuketa!” will be broadcast from April 26, 2021 on d Anime Store and other channels.

Mori Nanako (Hayato)
I first participated in the recording session with the mentality of an older brother, but his younger sister was more reliable in the story. The crow had a nice voice that it made me think that “Ah, I love this crow”. It is nice to see how birds other than a crow and kingfisher speak to us. They are so unique and charming.
I paid more attention to delivering the good points about the book, but I enjoyed playing the character since the birds were there. Small facts about birds are interesting to know.
I became to pay attention to the birds appearing in my life. I someday want to go to birdwatching. If the crow comes with me as my partner, it is much more wonderful.
Endou Runa (Hina)
This anime can be both educational for adults and children! Audiences of all ages can enjoy the show because many unique birds appear, and you can learn from them. Please pay attention to the interaction between Hayato and Hina, unique birds and realities of them.
After you watched this, I am sure you will look up about the bird you found!
Sugita Tomokazu (Crow)
How wonderful if a mysterious experience during the younger age can have a positive affect on children’s growth. Please enjoy the show with parents and children together. I feel familiar with the crows in the daily life after I played them.
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