The Chinese manga ‘BLADES OF THE GUARDIANS’ will be made into an anime series in mainland China. A promotional video was released in mainland China on August 8th, 2021.

Set in the Sui dynasty era, ‘BLADES OF THE GUARDIANS’ revolves around the main character Toma, a bounty hunter who travels from the west to Chang’an. On his journey, Toma faces conspiracy in the dynasty and meets ethnic minorities on the run. The animation is by Colored Pencil Animation Group.

The future Colored Pencil Animation Group work towards

The animation market in mainland China is anticipated to keep growing in the future. We believe Japan and China cooperating in animation production and IP creation will support the growth and accelerate global projects that are beyond the Japanese market.

The popularization of growing streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video is also another factor of the growth of the market.
We at Colored Pencil Animation Group (CPAJ) also look to expand our business overseas, centering around Japan and China. We will continue efforts to produce high-quality animation and create joint IP in cooperation with Japan.