From the Chineseanimated movie “The Legend of Hei: The Future I Choose” (November 7, 2020 Road Show), the main video, which shows the comical scenes of Xiaohei played by Hanazawa Kana and Mugen played by Miyano Mamoru, were released.
In addition, information about a special cinema screening where sound director IwanamiYoshikazu will go directly to the screen and adjust the sound himself was also announced.

“The Legend of Hei: The Future I Choose” is the animated movie created by MTJJ, a Chinese manga artist and animation director, and Samuki Haruka (HMCH) Studio.
The story is set in a world where many fairies have lost their houses due to due to the damage people cause to nature, and the story is about the black cat fairy Xiaohei, who lost his house because of deforestation.

Xiaohei, who was spending time on a remote island with Fengxie, a fairy who can control plants, was attacked by Mugen, the strongest enforcer of the human beings, and was forced to leave the island, and cross the sea together with Mugen.
The main video released this time shows a meal scene where Xiaohei and others are vigorously ordering being very hungry at a restaurant on the beach after they finally arrived.

“People are good at cooking,” Xiaohei said, eating vigorously with a full mouth and looking full and satisfied. Mugen took out some money when he tried to pay for the meal, but the banknotes were soaked because of with seawater.
Then he was told, “You can pay with your smartphone,” but even though he took out his smartphone, only water came out of the terminal. Mugen, who can’t help it, shows Jade, “It’s more expensive than a meal,” but the clerk and Mugen silently look at it. How will Mugen and Xiaohei handle it?

Xiaohei’s meal and comical scene, which are too cute, are also one of the highlights of this work. Please don’t forget to check out many other very cute, serious, or energetic scenes.

Animated movie “The Legend of Hei: The Future I Choose” will be released nationwide from November 7, 2020.

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