The violent animated film “DAHUFA”, which attracted attention as the first age-restricted anime in Chinese history and gained enthusiastic support for its depiction of extreme violence, is now screened in theaters. A special video showing the mysterious human characters and boss characters gathered together and a new scene has been unveiled.

“DAHUFA” is an animated film about Dahufa, the guardian of the Yiwei Kingdom, who is searching for the crown prince who has disappeared from the royal palace. Dahufa crosses the border and arrives at a mysterious village, but the inhabitants do not have a will of their own, do not speak, and all look alike. With an eerie feeling throughout the village, Dahufa gradually gets closer and closer to the hidden secret.

The main video, which has just been unveiled, captures a scene at a mansion in a corner of a beaner village. The mansion is home to Rodin, a mysterious being dressed in black and with glowing red eyes, and Color, a young human woman. Then O Yan Ji An, the head of the beaner village, arrives. They are apparently talking about the beaner that Dahufa has killed by standing around in the village.

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While O Yan Ji An is furious because he thinks Rodin killed him, Color soothes him by saying that Rodin didn’t do it, and that it seems that someone very skilled has come to the village. In addition to the tense scenes of hostility towards Duhufa, the film also shows the beaners working at the mansion, highlighting the bizarre worldview of the film.

The violent animated film from China, “DAHUFA” is currently being screened in theaters.

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