The first trailer from “Feast of Amrita,” the latest animated film by animation artist Sakamoto Saku, has been released, which will make you shudder at the screams of the main character Tamahi, played by Uchida Maaya. In addition, Hanazawa Kana, who played the main character Rin in the previous film “Aragne: Sign of Vermillion,” will make a special appearance. It was also announced that “Feast of Amrita” and ” Aragne: Sign of Vermillion Refine Edition;” will be screened simultaneously as a double feature.

“Feast of Amrita” is a horror entertainment movie by Sakamoto Saku, known for “Aragne: Sign of Vermillion,” which was the subject of much attention at the Annecy International Animated Film Festival as a “one-man animated feature film”.
As a prequel to his previous work “Aragne: Sign of Vermillion,” the film depicts the new protagonist, a high school girl named Tamahi, who is attacked by various strange and unknown terrors. Sakamoto Saku once again taking on the challenge of producing an animated film all by himself, directing, animating, writing the original story, script, and music for this anime film as well.

It has been announced that Hanazawa Kana, who played the main character Rin in Sakamoto Saku’s previous film “Aragne: Sign of Vermillion” will make a special appearance in the same role.
It was also announced that “Aragne: Sign of Vermillion [Refined Version]”, in which more than 60 cuts from the theatrical version of “Aragne: Sign of Vermillion” have been revised, will be shown simultaneously in a double feature with “Feast of Amrita”.

Although the latest film is an independent story, it is chronologically a prequel to the previous film, so that viewers can enjoy the entirety of the one and only “Sakamoto Saku World” by seeing the two films in succession.

In addition, Movie Tickets have gone on sale at the box office of theaters and on the web from March 3, 2012. An A4 clear file featuring an illustration designed by director Sakamoto Saku himself will be included as a special gift with the purchase of a Movie Ticket. The front side of the file is a collage of the latest first public cut of “Feast of Amrita” and the back side is the 2023 version of “Aragne: Sign of Vermillion”. Fans will not want to miss out.

“Feast of Amrita” will be screened together with “Aragne: Sign of Vermillion [Refined Version]” in a double feature to be released on May 26, 2023.

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