“Shin Ultraman”, filmed by the “Shin Godzilla” duo, Anno Hideaki as planner/scriptwriter, and Higuchi Shinji as director, will be released in early summer 2021.
Also, a statue of “Shin Ultraman” has been revealed during the opening ceremony of Sukagawa Tokusatsu Archive Center in Fukushima, which was held on November 3. Anno commented on the opening of the facility.

Sukagawa Tokusatsu Archive Center was established to collect, store, repair, research, and study the special effects developed by Tsuburaya Eiji, a.k.a. the “god of tokusatsu” (special effects), who was from Sukagawa city, and the valuable materials related to his work, so the citizens can honor and promote tokusatsu culture.
The movie “Shin Ultraman” is still in production, but the statue was revealed on this day thanks to the high pace of work, at the request of Anno and Higuchi, to make it ready by the opening of this facility.
The statue is about 2 meters tall, which is 1/33 the height of the Ultraman from the film. He is taking his signature “Spacium Beam” pose, giving this statue a powerful presence as if it is about to fire the beam.

The Ultraman in “Shin Ultraman” was created based on the original design by Narita Tooru to depict the true form of Ultraman, and recreate the beauty of Ultraman as much as they can.
On the unveiling, Anno commented, “I think it’s perfect as the face of Sukagawa Tokusatsu Archive Center,” and Higuchi happily stated, “We worked hard on the details, so I’d like everyone to take a good look at it, especially the ears!”

The “Shin Ultraman” statue is scheduled to be displayed at Sukagawa Tokusatsu Archive Center until spring 2021.

【Annno Hideaki (Planner/Scriptwriter of “Shin Ultraman”)】

Today, the opening day of Sukagawa Tokusatsu Archive Center, which preserves “tokusatsu” (special effects) techniques and materials, is the first step for “tokusatsu”. I hope that more archives will be established to preserve the miniatures and materials of tokusatsu all over Japan, and someday, build museums and tokusatsu studios, leading to the future of “tokusatsu”. The only words that I can come up with to express my nearly inexpressible feelings are thank you, and I deeply appreciate the people who worked hard on the opening of the archive center.

(C) 2021 “Shin Ultraman” Production Committee (C) Tsuburya Production