From the TV anime “Dark Gathering”, the latest key visual and anime PV were revealed. In addition, it was announced that Shinohara Yu will participate as Hozuki Yayoi, Shimazaki Nobunaga as Gendoga Keitaro, and Hanazawa Kana as Hozuki Eiko. The comments from the casts have also arrived.

“Dark Gathering” is based on the occultic horror manga by Kondo Keiichi, which is currently serialized on “Jump SQ.”. Haunted boy Gendoga Keitaro once got injured by ghosts and locked himself inside his room after involving his friends to the incident. He then starts to work as a home tutor to train himself back to society and meets a girl with the unique eyes called Hozuki Yayoi.
Yayoi has visited multiple haunted spots to look for her mother, who was kidnapped by villainous ghosts. Although she is spirit medium, she often gets avoided by the ghosts, therefore she needed Keitaro’s characteristic to attract ghosts. At the same time, Keitaro swears to train himself so that he can deal and uncurse himself and his friends. The two characters are now in cooperation.

The key visual revealed this time projects suspicious atmosphere with candles and shrine gateways on the red background. Hozuki Yayoi, Gendoga Keitaro, and Hozuki Eiko are in the anime PV. The expectation rises toward the anime filled with haunted factors.

In addition, the participation of Shinohara Yu, Shimazaki Nobunaga, and Hanazawa Kana has decided. Shinohara plays an elementary school student with the skill to sight both the modern and ghost worlds called Hozuki Yayoi, Shimazaki plays a freshman university student experienced ghost injury as a middle school student Gendoga Keitaro, and Hanazawa plays a freshman university student, a childhood friend of Keitaro, and a sister of Yayoi called Hozuki Eiko. There are comments delivered from three casts below.

TV anime “Dark Gathering” will be broadcast in summer 2023.

【Shinohara Yu (Hozuki Yayoi)】
My name is Shinohara Yu, and I will be playing Hozuki Yayoi. I actually loved scary and occultic stories and episodes, therefore I read the original manga of “Dark Gathering” when I received an offer to the audition, overwhelmed by the settings, and felt destiny to Yayoi that I swore to pass it. I will do my best so that you can enjoy horror x battle as much as possible. Let’s ghost!

【Shimazaki Nobunaga (Gendoga Keitaro)】

Keitaro is often loved by ghosts and in position of being played with ghosts, crazy occultic lover kids and childhood friends. I love him so much because he always provides us with fresh reactions no matter how many times he gets involved in serious situations. I think those who fear horror movies also can enjoy this anime because Keitaro will react big and comedic.
I think horror anime is rare these days and since staff are working to their bests so please enjoy the anime together with the original manga.

【Hanaza Kana(Hozuki Eiko)】
I am super afraid of horror movies and is scared of Dark Gathering as well. However, when I am involved in the story together with Eiko-chan enjoying (maybe excited?) the occultic incidents, I keep myself strong, maybe because my character is super unique. Thank you so much!!! I am sure that this story will attract both original manga fans and new fans, so please look forward to it!

© Kondo Keiichi/Shueisha, Dark Gathering Production Committee