The “Top 10 Adored Married Celebrity Couple” chosen by the Generation Z via a user survey has been announced at “Simeji Ranking” and it was conducted by the Japanese input keyboard app “Simeji”. Two voice actor’s couples were ranked in the top 10, which are “Ono Kensho & Hanazawa Kana” at 4th place and “Kaji Yuuki and Taketatsu Ayana” at 5th place.

This survey was conducted before November 22 (known as “Good Couple Day”) and it targeted 329 users of “Simeji” from age 10 to 24 of both genders. The Generation Z have chosen their adored couple from various backgrounds, but the common traits of those couple that placed on top are “They show how close they are on social media” and “It’s wonderful how the husband helps with chores and childcare”.

When we mentioned about the 4th place “Ono Kensho & Hanazawa Kana”, it would be the famous couple in the voice actor industry whose marriage was announced in 2020. Ono is known as his voice of Harry Potter in the Japanese dub of “Harry Potter” series, and Hanazawa is known for role as Nakano Ichika from “Quintessential Quintuplets”.
Some of the comments for this couple are “Handsome voice and cute voice, they are the popular voice actors pair”, “I am able to see how close they are, and the way they speak fondly of their spouse is quite cute”, “As both of them started off as a child actor, they are able to share the pain and joy together, so it’s quite awesome”, “I’m supporting my favorite”, “It’s lovely how close they are”, “As they are popular voice actors with handsome voice and cute voice, I believe they are able to bring care to their respective ear”, and “It seems that both of them are very happy.”

These two people also shared their respective marriage life on TV program and on their own radio program, so you can catch a glimpse of how they are affectionate and happy. Various videos, including the birthday celebration taken by Hanazawa, can be seen Ono’s Twitter, and we believe that fans are healed by their cute interaction.

“Kaji Yuuki and Taketatsu Ayana” at 5th place are also famous couple in the voice actor industry following the 4th place couple. Kaji is known for his voice as Eren Yaegar from “Attack on Titan”, and Taketatsu is known for her voice as Nakano Azusa from “K-On”.
The passionate comments from the fans are “They are both voice actors that I like”, “There is no couple that is more suitable than them”, “I like them as voice actor, so I believe they are a good couple”, and “I’m Kaji Yuuki’s fan”.

The two had also posted matching ballpens on their respective social media and we believe that there should have been fans who are happy on these unexpected photos that are hinting something. Also, they had announced the pregnancy on their first child in June 2022, and many fan had given their blessing to this happy couple.