October 21, 2019 / By: MoA (Translated by vrusshie & Hiro毛 )

「Weathering with You」 Collaboration cafe! “Hina’s homemade fried rice” and many other dishes

From the movie 『Weathering with You』, fans will be able to taste various dishesmeals that appearedseen onscreen such as “Hina’s homemade fried rice” at the upcoming limited-time collaboration cafe which will open from August 8 in Tokyo and August 10 in Osaka. Limited merchandise of the movie will be available for purchase as well.

October 21, 2019 / By: MoA (Translated by Jellie & Killua )

The cruel "9th Angel" that corroded『EVA』Unit 03 gets a figurine showcasing its dreadfulness…

"The 9th Angel" from 『Evangelion』 makes its appearance as a figure, with a full height of 100mm.It is slated for sale starting February 2020 in general stores across Japan.

October 18, 2019 / By: MoA (Translated by Jellie & Hiro毛 )

「Wataten! An Angel Flew Down to Me」 Himesaka Noa is the Cutest Figure!!

Himesaka Noa from 「Watashi ni Tenshi ga Maiorita!」 (「Wataten! An Angel Flew Down to Me」) has made her appearance as a 1/7 scale figure donning her uniform. Preorders will be taken on the 「Official B'full Net Shop」 until November 19th, 2019.

October 18, 2019 / By: MoA (Translated by Jellie & vrusshie )

The Sleeping Faces of Pikachu and Friends from 「Pokemon」 will steal your heart ♪ Charging Cable Guard Item Release

From 「Pokemon」, Pikachu, Jigglypuff, Meowth, Chikorita, Torchic, and Piplup have been made into neat items that will protect your charging cables. They will be sold in blind boxes starting December 2019.

October 17, 2019 / By: Nakase KoutarouKotaro (Translated by Mimi & Jellie )

From「Macross」, a variable fighter “VF-4 Lightning III” with a new model head and& special coloring is herehas been appeared!

The first variable fighter “VF-4G Lightning III” from “**The Super Dimension Fortress Macross: Flash Back 2012**Macross Flash Back 2012” is now in thehas been appeared in the BANDAI SPIRITS “HI-METAL R” series with a new model head and a new coloring. Pre-orders from general retailers opened onIt’s been available for pre-order at general retailers from October 4thOct. 4.

October 16, 2019 / By: MoA (Translated by vrusshie )

「BanG Dream!」 Arisa, Himari, Aya, Ako and Hagumi collaboration with “WEGO” announced!

Smartphone game 『BanG Dream! Girls Band Party!』 along with apparel brand “WEGO” is having the 3rd collaboration. Not only collaboration apparel, but goods of each character wearing WEGO’s product will also be sold.

October 17, 2019 / By: Matsumoto Tsubasa (Translated by Mimi )

The figure of Uchiha Sasuke from 「NARUTO」 replicates a scene from the Fourth Shinobi World War has appeared!

From **NARUTO Shippuden**, “Uchiha Sasuke” Shinobi World War ver. has appeared from the MegaHouse figure series “G.E.M.”. Pre-orders are available through “Premium Bandai”.

October 17, 2019 / By: Matsumoto Tsubasa (Translated by Mimi )

「Code Geass」 “Let’s hear … that wish” Lelouch’s beloved Frame Shinkiro has appeared in the METAL ROBOT Damashii.

From **Code Geass**, the Frame Shinkiro which is the same as popular as Lancelot Albion and Guren S.E.I.T.E.N. Eight Elements (Gurren Seiten Hakkyokushiki) has appeared in the METAL ROBOT Damashii. Reservation is being available at shops handling hobby products nationwide.

October 17, 2019 / By: Nakase Kotaro (Translated by Mimi )

What if 「Doraemon」 becomes an Ukiyo-e… The new work in the series is “Sudden Shower over Shin-Ōhashi bridge and Atake” (Ohashi Atake no Yudachi) by Hiroshige Utagawa that even Gogh reproduced

A new Ukiyo-e wood print based on **Doraemon** will be released in limited quantities on Oct 7 at 12:00 pm on the EC platform “COLLAB JAPAN”, which sends out products of collaboration contents of Japan and artists.

October 7, 2019 / By: MoA (Translated by Hiro毛 & vrusshie )

“GeGeGe no Kitarō” On Kitaro ’s hand is “Eyeball Father(Medamano Oyaji)”! First appearance in the “Q posket” series with Cat Girl (Neko Musume)

The main character of the TV anime “GeGeGe no Kitaro” “Kitarou” and his friend “Cat Girl” first appeared in the “Q posket” series, whose caracters are impressive for their large glossy eyes and soft cheeks. They will be introduced to game centers all over Japan from the beginning of October 2019.

Special Topics
The 2nd PV for Ahiru no Sora has been released! Don’t miss out on the hot scene featuring a freakishly tall basketball player!

The 2nd PV for TV anime Ahiru no Sora has been released and features the passionate plays of a freakishly tall basketball club member. Broadcasting information was released at the same time. The series will be aired on TV Tokyo’s channel 6 starting on October 2nd.

News Ranking
「Tokyo Honyaku Quest」, a fan-participation translation platform for anime article has launched its pilot version!

On the 29th of August, Tokyo Otaku Mode (TOM) together with IID, bitFlyer Blockchain, and the Otaku Coin Association launched the pilot version of a fan-participation translation platform for anime articles called 「Tokyo Honyaku Quest」