The violent animated film “DAHUFA”, which attracted attention as the first age-restricted anime in Chinese history and gained enthusiastic support for its depiction of extreme violence, is now screened in theaters from July 23, 2021. The main video and new scene photos, showing the unique character Mao, have been unveiled.

“DAHUFA” is the first Chinese animated film for adults.
Dahufa, the guardian of the Yiwei Kingdom, who is searching for the disappeared crown prince, crosses the border and arrives at a mysterious village. The inhabitants there do not have a will of their own, do not speak, and all look alike, with an eerie feeling hunging throughout the village. Dahufa gradually gets closer and closer to the hidden secret…

The main video that was released this time features the scene, where Dahufa, who visits a hut in the mountains, encounters Mao, who dismembers the dead bodies of the bean humans for a living. Even though Dahufa tries to ask her the crown prince’s whereabouts, he cannot communicate as he gets taken in by Mao. Mao talks about her goals to acquire an unrivaled blade skill to put out a heart in one swing while brushing up her skills by dismembering the dead bodies of the bean humans.
She puts out something like a black seed from a bean human’s head and brings it to Ji’an, the head of the village. This in an important scene to show that the bean humans are reared at the convenience of humans to gather the beans in their heads.

The violent animated film from China, “DAHUFA” is currently being screened in theaters. Please visit the official website to check the theaters where the film is shown.

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