Two images from the TV CM of “The Legend of Hei”, a Chinese animated film released on Nov. 7, 2020 have just been leaked. The two images each respectively capture the appeal of the original work with one depicting “a really cool action scene” and the other being an “absolutely adorable scene of Xiao Hei”.

“The Legend of Hei” is an animated movie created by manga artist/anime director MTJJ and Hanmu Chunhua Animation Studios (HMCH). The story is set in a world where nature is desecrated by humans, displacing many demons from their homes. The story follows Xiao Hei, a black cat demon that has lost his home due to redevelopment of the forest and his adventures.

Within the two CM images released this time, the “really cool action scene” depicts a nonstop, breathtaking action scene between the strongest monk, Wuxian (CV: Miyano Mamoru), Xiaohei (CV: Hanazawa Kana) and Fengxi (CV: Sakurai Takahiro), who attempts to execute a “certain plan” that will cause despair to the future of demons.

The other “absolutely adorable scene of Xiao Hei” features Xiao Hei indignantly talking whilst eating some delicious food, capturing the appeal of his adorable side and is sure to make anyone break out into a smile.

There are even reviews pouring in with viewers commenting: “Its the best movie I’ve seen this year!”, “An unconventionally interesting film!” and “I cried so much at the last scene”. “The Legend of Hei” is currently in theaters.

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