The anime movie of “Misaki no Mayoiga”, which is an awarded work in “Noma Jidou Bunkei Shou (Noma Children Literature Award)” same as the original work of “Kiki’s Delivery Service” that has gotten an anime adaptation by Studio Ghibli, has been decided. The release date in 2021 and the teaser visual with the teaser PV have also been revealed along with the staff’s comments.

The original “Misaki no Mayoiga” is based on the same-name novel by the author Kashiwaba Sachiko, known for “Kiri no Mukou no Fushigina Machi” and “Chikashitsu kara no Fushigina Tabi”.
The original work has gotten the “Noma Jidou Bunkei Shou” in 2016, where others works that have gotten this award are “Kiki’s Delivery Service” that has gotten an anime movie by Miyazaki Hayao, “Battery” that has gotten a TV anime in Fuji TV “Noitamina” slot and other channels, and others work.

It depicts the “mystery yet heartwarming” cohabitation of the 17 years old girl, who had lost her home, along with her new non-blood-related family in the old sea-view Japanese-style house, “Mayoiga”.

The teaser visual has a contrast between the glittering sea and the green nature with a single girl that has a strong gaze at the cape. This visual will surely pull you into the world setting of the work.
Also, the teaser PV depicts the beautiful green nature of Iwate, the setting of the work, along with the nostalgic old Japanese-style house that anyone had seen before, the elegant young girl, and also the 3 shoes that have a different atmosphere. This PV will hype up the expectation of the movie.

Along with the announcement, the information about the main staff was revealed as well. The director will be Kawatsura Shinya (“Non Biyori” and “Sagrada Reset”), the script is written by Yoshida Reiko (“Violet Evergarden” and “Okko’s Inn”) while the animation is produced by david production (“Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure” and “Cells at Work!”).

The anime movie “Misaki no Mayoiga” will be released in 2021.

Author: Kashiwaba Sachiko
It has been 10 years since the Great East Japan Earthquake.
The victims that were affected by that dreadfulness, sadness, and bitterness, wish to forget about that immediately but I keep telling myself that it something that can’t be forgotten.
When we are talking about the disaster zone, it would be the Sanriku (the three former provinces of Rikuzen, Rikuchu, and Rikuo) but within these 10 years period, Japan started to have disaster zones as well, and now we are facing the corona disaster.
I hope for a positive thought to stay in my heart.
The story of Mayoiga is about the people who got lost in the mountain staying happily at Mayoiga.
Just like the original work, I hope that “Misaki no Mayoiga” will also give happiness to those who encountered it.
Let the positive thoughts filled your heart. I have a belief as well as an appreciation for this fantastic animation movie.
Do pay a visit to the Kitsunezaki’s Mayoiga.

Director: Kawatsura Shinya
The delicious meals and the smile of the person beside you.
The fragrant tea and the entertaining conversation.
The warm relationship that is not bound by the word, “family”.
“Misaki no Mayoiga” is a home for people, who required that kind of comfort.
This is a place that you will come with your own will after having flexibility in the exhausted heart.
Do step into Mayoiga with the girls while being surrounded by the gentle background and music at the theatre.

Scriptwriter: Yoshida Reiko
A person might not be able to live if he/she has doubts in the present, past, and future. I thought of this after reading the original work.
I want to start now despite having doubts… I will try my best to make this work just like a house where you would want to come back to.

(C)Kashiwaba Sachiko, Kodansha/2021 “Misaki no Mayoiga” Production Committee