“Say You to Yoasobi Tuesday ‘Shimono Hiro X Uchida Maaya’ #27” featuring the voice actors Shimono Hiro and Uchida Maaya was broadcast on November 2, 2021, on the “Anime LIVE Channel” of the new futuristic TV “ABEMA”.
Matsuoka Yoshitsugu was invited as a guest for this broadcast, and the talk corner “Matsuoka Yoshitsugu Tsugu Tsugu Talk” to reveal his true nature was held. The other corners, such as the game corner “Big Introduction of SAO Movie! But Before That…”, where they compete with the promotion of the movie on stake, and the regular Tuesday corner “Dummy Head Healing” were held.

During the broadcast, Matsuoka Yoshitsugu has appeared and this was his fourth appearance on “Yoasobi”. As the three of them are from the same agency and a bosom to each other, they had an in-sync charade and light talk, and with this the broadcast has started with the all-out engine from the opening talk.

The talk corner “Matsuoka Yoshitsugu Tsugu Tsugu Talk” was held and in accordance to Matsuoka’s nickname of “Tsugu Tsugu”, the conversation topic will appear after the water is poured into the cup.
For the first topic “The reason for being a voice actor”, Matsuoka mentioned “After watching ‘Evangelion’ (when I was a middle school student), I got addicted to the voice of Ishida Akira-san’s as Nagisa Kaworu, who appeared on the last episode.” After that, he also mentioned he got shocked by the voice acting skill of Ishida, “Who? Are there a lot of Ishida Akira-san!?”, and this is how he got interested in the voice actor.

Also, toward Shimono’s question of his feeling when he actually met his idol “I believe there are time you are at the same place as Ishida-san right?”, Matsuoka replied “I was unable to talk to him when we are at the same place” as he showed off his shyness.
Then, he also revealed a happy memory where he was called out by Ishida-san for the first time, saying “During the first time he called out to me, he mentioned that ‘The popularity has drop right?’ on the anime ‘Food Wars!: Shokugeki no Soma’ and I replied it with ‘That’s right’!” Toward this, Shimono showed a big nod and said “No matter how hard you had worked, your Otaku’s spirit will appear when you met your idol”.

The next topic was “Regarding the big senior Shimono Hiro”. Matsuoka talked about his respect toward Shimono, such as “He really took good care of his juniors as if he was their parents”, “As he is a mood maker, I’m quite grateful when I am at the same place as him!”, and “He is able to deal with any outrageous requests during the event”. Uchida also had agreed with the statement and share the same feeling as him. Toward the praises from the two, Shimono hang his ear while showing an embarrassed shy.
For the topic of “Other than voice, do you have any special techniques?”, he had a passionate talk about his favourite cars. After that, for the topic regarding Uchida as both of them entered the training school at the same period, they looked back at their first co-appearance during the rookie time, and the conversation bloomed with the memories of the three.

Other than that, the genuine sword stopping with bare hand between Matsuoka and Shimono with the bet of the promotion of the now premiering film “Sword Art Online Progressive: Aria of a Starless Night” featuring Matsuoka as the main lead, was held. After that, Matsuoka also participated in delivering the “healing” voice during the regular Tuesday corner “Dummy Head Healing”, where the whisper the recruited audiences’ lines to the dummy head microphone, was held and the three of them had enjoyed the “Yoasobi” moments.
Just like that 90 minutes has passed, and Matsuoka voiced out that his enjoy it in his natural state with “It rare that I didn’t got that nervous and I am able talk as if I am at my home”.

“Anime LIVE Channel”/ “Say You to Yoasobi Tuesday ‘Shimono Hiro X Uchida Maaya’ #27”
Broadcast on November 2, 2021 (Tuesday)
Performers: Shimono Hiro, Uchida Maaya
※ Limited streaming on “ABEMA Premium” only.