The first Chinese anime with the age limit and intensively violent depiction called “DAHUFA” will be released in the theaters from July 23, 2021. Prior to the release, the part of the main movie was released.

“DAHUFA” is the story of the protagonist Dahufa, who goes onto the journey to look for the mission prince as the guardian of his country, Yiway.

Dahufa reaches a village after going over the national boundary, but the residents of the village do not have own will, do not talk, and look very similar to one another. While the village contains a mysterious atmosphere, Dahufa beings to find the hints for the hidden secret.

The main video that is released this time is one scene of the beginning, and it starts with Dahufa reaching the village, while looking for the missing prince. He asks about the prince with the picture to a bean human at the entrance, and the boy reacts but does not speak nor respond.

As soon as he enters the village he sees the bean humans with guns in their hand chasing the bean humans without it. The runaway bean humans are so frightened and they try to hide, but eventually will be killed after the residents near their hideouts tell the bean humans with guns. Who are they, and why is there a massacre going on? It is only the part of the entire mysterious story.

The violence anime from Chine called “DAHUFA” will be released on July 23 in Ikebukuro HUMAX Cinemas in Tokyo and other theaters around Japan.

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