TV anime “Kubo Won’t Let Me Be Invisible” will be broadcast on January 2023. Moreover, 2nd visual was released along with the announcement. Itou Miku (Kubo Akina) and Kubo Saki (Amamiya Sora) delivered comments.

The original work of “Kubo Won’t Let Me Be Invisible” is the manga by Yukimori Nene, which is currently serialized on “Weekly Young Jump” from Shueisha. An invisible “mob boy” protagonist Shiraishi Junta and his classmate “heroine-class” beautiful girl Kubo Nagisa will hold story 2-steps prior to “romance and comedy”, in other words “youthful sweet comedy” of heroine and an ordinary boy.

A junior high school student Shiraishi Junta has the unique ability. He is so invisible that he is considered absent although he has never skipped a lecture. He is “a mob” boy with no presence. He is humbly spending every day at school, but there is one concern that he has; a “heroine-like” beauty of his classmate called Kubo-san, always teases him.

“A mob boy” with no specialty and a heroine girl. They meet, their youth begins to color, starting from the corner of the classroom, and shows that anyone can be “special”. However, their relationship is too young to call it “love”. A relationship 2-step prior to romance begins in shape of “romance comedy”.

The broadcast of “Kubo Won’t Let Me Be Invisible” was decided on January 2023 and the 2nd visual was released along with the announcement. The new visual depicted Kubo-san being caught by her sister Akina and cousin Saki. Moreover, the comments from Itou Miku (Kubo Akina) and Amamiya Sora (Kubo Saki) have arrived.

TV anime “Kubo Won’t Let Me Be Invisible” will be broadcast from January 2023.

Itou Miku/Kubo Akina Comment
The original manga made me support Kubo-san and Shiraishi-kun’s relationship and couldn’t help smiling while reading. When I was notified that I passed the audition, I remember the sense of surprise and happiness filled my heart. Since Akina loves her younger sister so much, she will pour her love to Kubo-san and hope to deliver her unique emotions to other characters at the same time. I hope you could pay attention to characters in addition to Kubo-san!

Amamiya Sora/Kubo Saki Comment
I first surprised when I looked at the title, but I realized that the work is filled with cuteness, as my character, Saki, is cute. I was confused because her personality isn’t something that I am used to play, but I will try my best to play Saki cute and fun!

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