The Japanese title of the live-action Hollywood film “Knights of the Zodiac,” based on the comic “Saint Seiya,” has been decided as “Saint Seiya: The Beginning.” The film will be released in theaters on April 28, 2023. A new trailer featuring the thrilling action scenes of the lead actor, Arata Mackenyu, has been disclosed.

“Saint Seiya” is a battle action comic by Kurumada Masami that began serialization in “Weekly Shonen Jump” in 1985. In addition to the energetic battles of the “Saints,” the manga became popular with the “Cloths,” armors worn by the Saints based on the constellations of the zodiac, and a story based on Greek mythology, having more than 50 million copies in circulation sold worldwide.

The live-action Hollywood film titled “Saint Seiya: The Beginning” in Japan features Arata Mackenyu, who made his first Hollywood film appearance in “Pacific Rim: Uprising.” This will be his first starring role in a Hollywood film. The director is Tomasz Baginski, the executive producer and director of “The Witcher,” which was the No. 1 watched film on Netflix worldwide in 2019.

The latest trailer released this time shows the powerful VFX along with Seiya, played by Arata Mackenyu, who has become a Saint. It begins with a mysterious training session between Mackenyu and the Saints, followed by sequences of events that show the flamboyance of a Hollywood action movie, including fighters and car chases.

In the battle action scenes, which is the pivot of the film, Mackenyu shows a glimpse of his built-up body. After a battle with the opponent that seems to be the Black Saints, Marin the Silver Saint, Seiya’s master, leads Seiya into the world of the “Saints.” The film is packed with fans’ favorite scenes, such as the explosion of Athena’s power and the scene where Seiya puts on the Cloths.

In the end, we can see the moment when Seiya becomes “Saint Seiya,” also known as Pegasus Seiya, and the superspeed battle with the mysterious Saint, who flaps his iron wings behind him. What will be the fate of Seiya and Sienna, the reincarnation of the goddess Athena? The numerous breathtaking battle actions performed by the well-trained body of Mackenyu and the mightiness of the image created using the latest VFX are a must-see.

“Knights of the Zodiac,” a live-action Hollywood film based on the comic “Saint Seiya,” will be released in movie theaters nationwide on April 28 with the Japanese title “Saint Seiya: The Beginning.”