January 28, 2020 / By: Nakase Koutarou (Translated by YaruJan & GOOOOOH!!! )

"Pretty Cure The Movie" guests voice actors Hirata Hiroaki & Inagaki Kurumi! Scene photos with original characters also revealed

January 28, 2020 / By: Miyazaki Jirou (Translated by gyanyao & トナカイ )

Episode 0 of "GTO", "Shonan Junai Gumi" in live-action! Kanichirou will be playing Onizuka Eikichi

January 24, 2020 / By: MoA (Translated by gyanyao & Porew )

Live-action"Tonkatsu DJ Agetarou" film is coming to the theaters! An illustration inspired by the actor of Agetarou was released.

January 22, 2020 / By: Nakase Koutarou (Translated by gyanyao & YaruJan )

"Ryusoulger vs Lupinranger vs Patranger", a scene photo of the dream collaboration has been released!

January 21, 2020 / By: Nakase Koutarou (Translated by YaruJan & Porew )

"Shinkalion The Movie", "Godzilla" and "Hatsune Miku" showdown!? The first three minutes and a half have been revealed

January 16, 2020 / By: MoA (Translated by GOOOOOH!!! & Porew )

"Whisper of the Heart" Live-Action Movie Depicts a 10-Year Later Original Plot

January 16, 2020 / By: Takahashi Katsunori (Translated by Mimi & Porew )

The movie “My Hero Academia HEROES: RISING” 4D has been determined to be screened. The box office revenue exceeded 1.2 billion JPY

MX4D and 4DX screening of "My Hero Academia THE MOVIE HEROES: RISING" has been determined. It's titled as "4D RISING <Rising> Screening" and will start screening from Jan. 24 at 81 theaters nationwide.

January 15, 2020 / By: Nakase Koutarou (Translated by YaruJan & Porew )

"Tatta Hitori de Seisakusuru Gekijouyou Anime" Latest Work "Amurita Kyouen" Teaser Visual is here

A teaser visual from the latest work "Amurita Kyouen" (scheduled to be aired in 2021) by the director Sakamoto Saku following his previous production "Aragne: Sign of Vermillion" under the series "Tatta Hitori de Seisakusuru Gekijouyou Anime", has been revealed.

January 8, 2020 / By: Nakase Koutarou (Translated by GOOOOOH!!! & Porew )

Movie "Josee, the Tiger and the Fish" Announced for a Summer Release in 2020

Anime movie "Josee, the Tiger and the Fish" was announced to premiere in summer 2020. In conjunction with the announcement of the movie and the comic, illustrations and commentaries from illustrator Emoto Nao, who was involved in the character draft of the movie and comic, were released.

January 7, 2020 / By: Takahashi Katsunori (Translated by ceressculd & gyanyao )

"Kamen Rider" movie promotional video and theme song released! Check out the father and son bonding of Aruto and Soreo

"Kamen Rider Reiwa: The First Generation" promotional video along with the theme song "Another Break" was released. The song conveys powerful messages from the movie.

Special Topics
The 2nd PV for Ahiru no Sora has been released! Don’t miss out on the hot scene featuring a freakishly tall basketball player!

The 2nd PV for TV anime Ahiru no Sora has been released and features the passionate plays of a freakishly tall basketball club member. Broadcasting information was released at the same time. The series will be aired on TV Tokyo’s channel 6 starting on October 2nd.

News Ranking
The 2nd Info Movie “Kimetsu no Yaiba : Demon Slayer” Debuted! Will be Released in 2020

Movie “Kimetsu no Yaiba : Demon Slayer” Infinity Train arc decided to be released on 2020. The new teaser and visual has been released on the 2nd info.

「Eizouken ni wa Te wo Dasu na!(Keeps your hands off Eizouken!)」anime cast announced! The "Dengeki Trio Girls" will be voiced by a first-timer TV anime voice actor/Newcomer/Powerhouse

6 casts in total were announced for the TV anime 『Keeps your hands off Eizouken!』. The voice acting cast is as follows: Itou Sairi as Asakusa Midori, Tamura Mutsumi as Kanamori Sayaka and Matsuoka Misato as Mizusaki Tsubame. Hanamori yumiri as Doumeki, Komatsu Mikako as Sakaki Sowande and Inoue Kazuhiko as Fujimoto-sensei.