From the latest series for “Digimon” called “Digimon Ghost Game” (broadcast begins from October 3, 2021), the main visual, staff, and cast information are released together with the character settings. Moreover, new information for the PV movie release has been revealed as well.

“Digimon” series have experienced various media adaption, including movies, TV shows and games. The story and characters are all renewed this time, and begins the new TV series with a completely original story.

The main visual and main staff are announced this time. Yabuno Tenya and Izawa Hiroshi will be the project supporters, Tokawa Seishi will be in charge of the series structure. Chioka Masatoshi, who participated in the expressions from “Digimon Adventure” and “Digimon Savors”, will be the series director. Mitsuka Masato from “Digimon Adventure :” will be another series director.

The detailed settings of the main characters are also revealed this time. Yabuno Tenya, who directed “Digimon Adventure V: Tamer 01”, will designed 3 main children of this series, and the partner Digimons were designed by Watanabe Kenji, who is the familiar creator among the Digimon fans.

The main casts has been are announced.
The reliable protagonist Amanokawa Sora will be played by Tamura Mutsumi, a curious and reckless Digimon Gammamon will be played by Sawashiro Miyuki, Tsukinoya Ruri by Kobayashi Yu, Nakai Kazuya for Angoramon, Ishida Akira for Higashimitarai Kiyoshiro, and Shimamura Yu for Jellymon. The comments from each cast member have arrivedare revealed.

For the broadcast of “Digimon Adventure :” episode 50 “Gigantic Destroyer Negamon” (broadcast on September 19), the PV for the new series will be revealed after the story is over.

“Digimon Ghost Game” will be broadcast from October 3, 2021 on Fuji TV and other channels on every Sunday from 9:00 AM.

Full Cast Comments

【Amanokawa Hiro】
A 13-year old, the 1st grader in Private Hazakura Academy.
He is reliable that he can solve manymuch of troubles by himself, therefore gains strong trust from others. He doesn’t hesitate to help others. He begins to get curious abouttoward Digimons after meeting Gammamon.

Tamura Mutsumi Comment:
I am honored to be a part of thepleasure to be the part of Digimon series again. Sora looks normal to me. He is serious, cares about others, and can do good inat academics. He seems a curious boy, but I am still in process of finding his true personality. I look forward to find various sides of his characteristics!
This series combines Digimon and supernatural factors that creates a new atmosphere compared to the previous series. Please wait for the broadcast!


A Digimon who is brought to Sora by Sora’s father, Hokuto. He bites whatever he spots from curiosity. Although he is reckless, he honestly follows Sora’s orders. He loves chocolate and calls it “the best”.

Sawashiro Miyuki Comment:
My names is Sawashiro Miyuki, and I am now allowed to be with Gammamon, who is energetic chocolate lover Digimon. I am recording my voice, as I am on the way to see you every week with energetic Gammnamon. “Ghost Game” is printed larger than “Digimon” on the title..! Will it be a little scary, can you believe it? Please check the truth out with your own eyes.

【Tsukiyono Ruri】

A 13-year old female student who goes to the girl’s school, where the middle and high schools are combined.
She runs the popular SNS account called “Rirurun”. She is friendly and has many friends. Because she is currently looking for what fits her the best, she tries to get involved in anything she finds.

Kobayashi Yu Comment:
It’s my pleasure to be athe part of the new Digimon series called “Digimon Ghost Game”, which is the new title for long-loved content. I am thankful and nervous to play the heroine, Tsukiyano Ruri. I hope I can grow up step by step together with Ruri. This work can be enjoyable for regardless of generation. Please watch other the story of change! Thank you.


A large-size Digimon that slowly flies the sky with long ears. He can hear soundsd occurred far away with acute hearing ability. He has a mature personality with composure. He knows well about Digital World. He loves to listen to Ruri’s piano.

Nakai Kazuya Comment:
I am really happy to play Digimon for the first time I last played 10 and plus years ago. I am also thankful.
Angoramon is big and fluffyff, but has strong knowledge in his eyes. Don’t worry, he will understand us.
I can do well with him.
Will it be a scary story, since the title contains the word, “Ghost”? I am already excited.
I want to come over anything that isare scary or not scary together with you. Please stay with us until the end.

【Higashimitarai Kiyoshiro】
A 14-year old, 2nd grader in Hazakura Academy and also the dorm master of the boy’s dorm of the academy. He is the elite who finished the master’s degree at the American university, however, he is currently living in Japan for some reasonsn. While he is bossy, he is a coward, and once a switch inside him is turned on……

Ishida Akira Comment:
I only see little about him, because it is still the beginning of the recording session, but there are 7 kanji being used for his name, Higashimitarai Kiyoshiro. Because he is teased for his long name, I predict that there will be episodes released regarding his difficult personality. This series is athe combination of Digimon and supernatural events, as the title says “Ghost Game”, I believe I can deliver scary feelingsg to you. Please look forward to it.


A mollusk Digimon with a soft head. She can penetrate through walls and the ground. She is aggressive as a queen, and does not like to lose. She is interested in human activities, and participates in them as those are the games. She loves to surprise Kiyoshiro.

Shimamura Yu Comment:
I wished one day I could keep jellyfish in my house, because I loved to watch jellyfish in the aquarium.
I never expected to become a jellyfish before I get it in my house. I am so happy!
And, most of all, “the friendship with your partner” is the important theme for Digimon!
It will be interesting how a bossy Jellymon begins to involve together with Kiyoshiro and others. Please look forward to it.

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