From “Beauty Water” (premiere on September 23, 2021), a new sensation of South Korean animated film depicting “Plastic Surgery Psycho Horror”, a trailer for the Japanese dubbed ver. featuring Sawashiro Miyuki has been unveiled. Along with the trailer, cutscenes featuring the protagonist being reborn as a stunningly beautiful woman by using the “Beauty Water”, have also been revealed.

“Beauty Water” is based on an episode from “Tales of the Unusual”, an omnibus that has got more than 3.1 billion views across the world, and gotten the rating of 9.9 of 10 on “NAVERWEBTOON” in South Korea.
The protagonist is Ye-ji, who has severe inferiority with her appearance since her childhood, and currently working as a makeup artist for a popular star. The story sublimated the darkness of modern society such as slander and lookism into entertainment through the depictions of the protagonist moving along the path to catastrophe after using miracle water called “Beauty Water” that can be used to change the appearance at will.

This time, a trailer for the Japanese dubbed ver. has been revealed. For the cast members, Sawashiro Miyuki will play the role of Ye-ji/Seo-rae, the protagonist, Suwabe Junichi will play the role of Ji-hoon, a nice-looking rookie actor, Uesaka Sumire will play the role of the popular star Mi-ri who dispraises Ye-ji’s appearance, and Hino Satoshi will play the role of Kim, a manager of the entertainment agency.
The trailer features shocking and “drastic” scenes, where Ye-ji is “reborn as new her” by acquiring the appearance that she wishes using “Beauty Water”, and she is chased by “something” even though she seemed to finally attained happiness.

Also, 6 cutscenes have also revealed, featuring Ye-ji being reborn as a stunningly beautiful lady Seo-rae. It includes her being filled with voluptuous beauty and confidence, and having dinner with a nice-looking actor Ji-hoon who was nice to Ye-ji before using “Beauty Water”. On the other hand, a shocking scene of her inflamed skin is also shown……
What is waiting for Ye-ji, who attained “perfect beauty” after being abused for her appearance and eager for beauty. Please find at theatres.

“Beauty Water” will be released on September 23.

2020 / South Korea / 85 minutes / Color / Vista / 5.1ch / English Title: BEAUTY WATER / Translation: Konishi Tomoko / PG12
Original Author: Oh Seong-dae (“Beauty Water” from “Tales of the Unusual” on Line Manga)
Director: Cho Kyung-hun
Presented by: TMS Entertainment
Distributed by: TMS Entertainment / SPO

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