Fall anime “My Hero Academia” has disclosed the “MHA Season 6 Paranormal Liberation War Arc Climax Promotional Video” as the season reaches its finale.

The original work of “My Hero Academia (MHA),” which the sixth season of the TV anime is currently airing, is a hero-action comic produced by Horikoshi Kohei and currently under serialization at “Weekly Shonen Jump.”
Set in a world where most people own a supernatural power called “quirks,” this comic depicts protagonist Midoriya Izuku (a.k.a. Deku) as he trains to become a “hero” who fights against the “villain” that abuses the quirks. He spends his days to the fullest by studying and training with his classmates at Yuei High School, a prestigious hero training school.

Since the first season aired in April 2016, the series has produced a total of five anime seasons and three movies.
The long-awaited season six, which is currently airing, visualizes the “Paranormal Liberation War Arc” in which Shigaraki Tomura, the strongest “villain” who took control of the massive “Meta Liberation Army” and leads the “Paranormal Liberation Front” which consists of 110,000 members, crash with the heroes, including Endeavor, who noticed Shigaraki’s will to “destroy everything.”

The official website has released the promotional video “MHA Season 6 Paranormal Liberation War Arc Climax” as the sixth season reaches its finale.
Since its first episode broadcasted on October 1, the “Paranormal Liberation Arc” of heroes versus villains has been depicted with the largest scale ever among all the anime series of MHA. Along with the raging battle scenes, this arc illustrates the backgrounds of each hero and villain, including Deku and Shigaraki Tomura.

The first part of the promotional video stirs up the finale of the anime, including scenes and phrases that left a strong impression on the fans. On the other hand, the second part consists of striking and dramatic scenes from the last two episodes that were not yet disclosed.

Make sure not to miss the finale the war between heroes and villains comes to.

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