The TV anime ‘Hyakusho Kizoku’ has been announced to start airing on July 7, 2023. The cast for the anime includes Tamura Mutsumi, Honda Mariko, Chiba Shigeru, and Kujira. Additionally, the ending theme for the show will be performed by FRAM.

“Hyakusho Kizoku” is based on the agricultural essay manga by manga artist Arakawa Hiromu, renowned for “Fullmetal Alchemist” and “Silver Spoon”. Arakawa, who worked in agriculture for 7 years before becoming a manga artist, tells the story of the harsh reality faced by Japan’s dairy farmers and their tough yet humorous lives. The series has 3.2 million copies issued, and the announcement of the anime adaptation has generated much excitement.

The main cast members of “Hyakusho Kizoku” have been announced along with the premiere date of the first episode on July 7. Tamura Mutsumi, Honda Mariko, Chiba Shigeru, and Kujira will be playing the lead roles. Tamura will play the main character of the series, Arakawa Hiromu, who is a former farmer turned manga writer and is depicted as a Holstein cow wearing glasses. Honda will portray Ishii, the editor from Shinshokan who is in charge of Arakawa’s work. Chiba will play Arakawa’s father, Oyaji-dono, who has many heroic tales from his experience at the Arakawa Farm. And Kujira will portray Arakawa’s mother, Okan, who holds together the Arakawa family.

Furthermore, it has been announced that the popular artist FRAM, known for their wide range of musical expression, will be performing the ending theme song for the anime. The animation production will be handled by Pie in the sky, a renowned studio responsible for “Aware! Meisaku-kun”.

The TV anime “Hyakusho Kizoku” will premiere on July 7. The show will be broadcast every week from 9:54 pm every Friday (JST) on TOKYO MX1.

(C)Arakawa Hiromu, Shinshokan/”Hyakusho Kizoku” Production Committee