On March 29, 2023, voice actor Nakai Kazuya, known for his roles as Roronoa Zoro in “One Piece” and Hijikata Toshiro in “Gintama”, celebrated his last day as a live narrator for Nippon Television’s “Sukkiri”. In response to this, many fans on Twitter expressed their gratitude for Nakai’s work for 17 years,

Nakai has played many popular anime characters, including Witz Sou in “After War Gundam X,” Roronoa Zoro in “One Piece,” Mugen in “Samurai Champloo,” Hijikata Toshiro in “Gintama,” Gaomon in “Digimon Sabers,” Doumeki Shizuka in “xxxHOLiC,” Date Masamune in “Sengoku Basara,” Imayoshi Shoichi in Kuroko’s Bastketball, Zapp Renfro in “Blood Blockade Battlefront”, Boma in “Ghost in the Shell: ARISE ALTERNATIVE ARCHITECTURE”, and Akitaru Oubi in “Fire Force”. In addition to anime works, he has also narrated a number of TV programs.

On March 29, Nakai, who has served as a narrator for this program for 17 years, gave his last live narration for “Sukkiri”, which is scheduled to end on March 31.

After the broadcast of “Sukkiri,” the official Twitter page of his agency, Aoni Productions, posted the following message: “Today was the last day of Nakai Kazuya’s live narration on ‘Sukkiri. Thank you very much to all the viewers and people involved for the past 17 years! The program will continue until Friday the 31st, so please enjoy it until the end!” With the message, the Twitter account posted a photo of Nakai holding a bouquet of flowers surrounded by cast members Kato Koji, Terry Ito, and Kotani Naoko.

The tweet was followed by a message from Nojima Hirofumi, a voice actor who also belongs to Aoni Productions. Nojima commented “Thank you for your hard work, Nakai-san! I’ve learned a lot from your live narration! ” Fans also commented, “I always looked forward to listening to Nakai-san’s voice on Wednesday’s Sukkiri!” “Thank you so much for all these years! I was so happy to hear your voice on a weekday morning and it inspired me to work hard!”