Today, in collaboration with Crypto Games Inc, the Otaku Coin Association has confirmed that we will sell ‘100 Limited Edition Otaku Coins’, made utilizing NFT blockchain technology. The experimental project includes a lineup of a variety of 100 colors, each colored coin comes with a unique serial number and is a limited edition ‘one-and-only’ item.

Example of 100 Limited Edition Otaku Coins

※ The image above is a sample and may differ from the actual design after release.

Otaku Coin Association continues to follow its mission of contributing to the preservation and growth of anime culture around the world using blockchain technology. In this project, Otaku Coin has taken the initiative in utilizing the newest NFT technology. The aim of the project is to experiment and prove to the world that NFT can be smoothly incorporated into the industry and community by identifying the possible risks, costs, concerns, merits, and demerits involved.

By releasing the knowledge and experience gained from this experiment to the anime industry, creators, and fans on the Otaku Coin Official blog, we hope to support the development of the industry by creating more awareness of anime culture around the world.

We believe that enthusiastic anime fans around the world are as big of a supporter of anime culture as we are. Therefore, the Otaku Coin Association has turned our logo © into NFT and created 100 different color versions for anime fans to be used as a symbol of how we want to support the anime industry and community and our mission of spreading the love of anime globally together. Only 100 will be created, therefore, each unique colored coin is a limited edition ‘one-and-only’ item.

※ The image above is a sample and may differ from the actual design after release.

Recently, NFT is gaining exposure for providing groups of fans with a method to buy and sell digital items on the secondary market while automatically returning royalties to the original owner/company. With this technology, anime fans around the world are able to financially support their favorite creators through the payment of royalties when buying and selling digital items on the internet secondary market.

Fans can now participate in supporting their favorite creators on multiple levels through purchasing, experiencing, then reselling digital items from anywhere in the world.

The earnings made from this test experiment (first and second distribution royalty) will be used as funds to support the further growth of anime culture, development and operating of future NFT projects, and anime studio interviews ( that we have continued since the inauguration of the association. Also, the Otaku Coin Association will release the knowledge and experience gained from this experiment to the anime industry, creators, and fans on the Otaku Coin Official blog.

■ ‘100 Limited Edition Otaku Coins’ Release Schedule

The Limited Edition Otaku Coins are scheduled to be released for sale on March 24th, 2021, at 10 AM (JST) through the NFT marketplace ‘Rarible’ ( After the 100 Limited Edition Otaku Coins have been created as NFT, they will not be recreated again as a digital item. Also, these Limited Edition Otaku Coins are separate from the Otaku Coins (XOC) currently used on the Otaku Coin Official App.

Available at:

Release Date and Time / Price (Unit – Currency Amount) – Reference
March 24th (Wed): 10:00 AM (JST) / 0.1ETH / Serial No. #31~#97 Release
March 31st (Wed): 10:00 AM (JST) / 0.3ETH / Serial No. #11~#30 Release
April 7th (Wed): 10:00 AM (JST) / 1.0ETH / Serial No. #01~#10 Release
* The release dates are tentative. The dates and times may differ depending on the deployment of the release.
* 5% royalty for secondary distribution. (An additional 2.5% fee when using the marketplace).
* The copyright and trademark belong to the Otaku Coin Association.
* Coin owners have digital ownership and rights to publish on social media and derivative work. (Within the limits of the general principles of public order and morality).
* Serial numbers #98, #99, and #100 will be available as a lottery present campaign through the Otaku Coin Official App ( 1,000 Otaku Coins are required for entry and only 1 chance per account.

■ What is NFT Blockchain Technology?

NFT is the latest cryptocurrency, a unique non-fungible token that is completely unique and referred to as a “one-and-only unique piece of data in the whole world”. Through using blockchain technology, it is now possible to create digital data that can not be copied and the owner can freely distribute it on the secondary market. It is a method to buy and sell digital items on the secondary market while automatically returning royalties to the original owner/company.

Currently, NFT is mainly used in blockchain games and crypto art. In particular, it has gone viral in the overseas art industry, grossing tens of millions of Japanese yen in sales at the start of 2021. An example of a viral topic around the world includes the artist named ‘Beeple’, who recently sold NFT for 69 million dollars at Christie’s, an auction house with more than 250 years of history.

We predict that NFT will become a prominent cryptocurrency in the future with the increase in the importance of the digitalization of assets. With this new project, we believe it is an exciting new step forward for both Japanese anime and the NFT community.

■ About Crypto Games Inc

Company Name: Crypto Games Inc
Established: April 20th, 2018
Capital: 73,000,000 JPY
Representative: Kota Ozawa
Service: Blockchain game ‘Cryptospells’, NFT service development

■ About Otaku Coin Association

The Otaku Coin Association began its mission in December 2017 to help the expansion of Japanese anime culture to the world by supporting the introduction and utilization of blockchain technology to the anime industry.

Also, to further help spread the awareness of anime to the world the association started projects that included the localization of various anime media and interviews of anime studios. The association plans and conducts interviews with anime studios that are gaining attention from the world to help showcase their works by presenting their enthusiasm for production and inner workings. Anime production studios really get the spotlight, so through these interviews, the association promotes these studios through global anime news media such as the anime information site ‘Anime!Anime!’, ‘Tokyo Otaku Mode’ with more than 20 million Facebook followers, and the Chinese major media ‘Bahamut’. (

General Incorporated Association Name:
Otaku Coin Association

・Use the blockchain to contribute to the otaku community
・Ethically develop, manage, and promote Otaku Coin
・Increase branding of Otaku Coin
・Authorize Otaku Coin related projects


Date of Formation:
July 2019

Founding Directors: (Alphabetical order)
Yusuke Ito (Hakuhodo Blockchain Initiative)
Nobuhiro Oga (Shogakukan Senior Managing Director)
Nao Kodaka (Tokyo Otaku Mode President and CEO)
Tetsuya Nakatake (Wit Studio Co-Founder and Company Director)
Takashi Muto (DENTSU INC. Head of Dentsu Japanimation Studio /
Holistic Solutions Division 1)

Regular Members and Partners: (Abbreviated)
Kizuna AI (Virtual YouTuber / Otaku Coin Ambassador)
Dentsu Japanimation Studio
Tokyo Otaku Mode
Hakuhodo Blockchain Initiative
Rakuten Collection

Otaku Coin is a community currency that unites people who love Japanese culture such as anime, manga, and games. Through this community currency, the Otaku Coin Association aims to help fans around the world to be able to contribute and support the growth of their favorite anime, manga, and game industry. Currently, the Otaku Coin Bounty Campaign is running on the official smartphone app. For more information, please refer to the Otaku Coin Official website.

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