Kamiya Hiroshi and Ono Daisuke will appear in the TV anime “Bonobono” for four consecutive weeks starting from episode 337 scheduled to air on December 10.

“Bonobono” is a TV anime based on the manga by Igarashi Mikio, which has been serialized since 1986 and has sold over 9 million copies.
It is a work centered on Bonobono, the child of sea otters who shows interest in strange and mysterious things, and the laid back and cute characters show and feel the truth of life in a relaxed manner.

Kamiya and Ono’s appearance in “Bonobono” was announced on the November 5 broadcast of “Kamiya Hiroshi and Ono Daisuke’s Dear Girl ~Stories~”, a popular radio show on Cultural Broadcasting where the two are personalities. This will be their first appearance since last September 2021.

Rossi, the mysterious traveler cat played by Kamiya, and Dice, the powerful Tosa dog played by Ono, appear again in the forest where Bonobono and his friends are, but they look different from before. Expectations are high for the reunion of Bonobono and his friends in the forest and a new story.

The TV anime “Bonobono” airs every Saturday from 5:22.

(c) Mikio Igarashi / Takeshobo, Fuji Television Network, Aiken