The prequel of the movie “Gintama THE FINAL”, the newest anime “Gintama THE SEMI-FINAL” has started broadcast from 7:00 PM, on January 20, on the streaming service “dTV”. It started with “Shinsengumi Arc ‘Isn’t it normal to make important an decision at the last minute'”.
The 2nd special interview video of the cast members has been released.

Chiba Susumu (voice of Kondou Isao), Nakai Kazuya (voice of Hijikata Toushirou), and Suzumura Kenichi (voice of Okita Sougo) had appeared in “‘Gintama THE SEMI-FINAL’ Shinsengumi’s cast members interview”.
They had talked about few topics, including their feeling after hearing the production of “Gintama THE SEMI-FINAL” after the recording for “Gintama THE FINAL” has ended and their opinions toward the anime “Gintama”.

First, regarding the “Shinsengumi Arc”, Nakai commented, “The recording for the movie happened before this dTV version. When I receive the script for the movie, I thought of ‘To think that this part was depicted’. However, when I thought that a specific story from the original work didn’t get an anime adaptation… it actually got an anime adaptation, which makes me happy as that was what I wanted to see.”, as he hopes for all the stories in the original work to get an anime adaptation.
Chiba commented “When I was reading the original work, I thought of how it will be depicted with excitement. Personally, I was quite happy as I wanted to do this ‘funny moment’ story that has gotten an anime adaptation.”

Next, Suzumura revealed his interaction with the staff, which is “When I receive the script for the movie, I was extremely sad since I had read the original work with the thought of ‘to think that the gorilla will give up…’ After the recording for the movie, we went and greet the staff with nostalgia saying ‘As the movie will be the finale, I want to thank you for all these years’, but I was informed ‘Huh? There are still 2 works left’, which is this dTV ver. (Haha) “. Nakai also revealed funny moments by saying, “The difference of feeling between us and the staff are too wide (Haha). Just when we greeted them with sadness, they told ‘it’s not the finale’ (Haha).”

Regarding the highlights, Chiba commented “Do listen carefully to the extras that are acting as a gorilla. I wonder how funny will this dTV version will be” as he pointed out the extras.
Suzumura look backed while saying, “I believe that this recording will the final, but to think that the long history of Gintama will be ended with ours ‘Uhoo!’. This is something great right. (Haha) I have no regrets in my (Gintama) life.” On the other hand, Nakai mentioned that the slapstick is the specialty of “Gintama”, by saying “You might be wondering how will the last season of the TV series be connected to the final movie, but the dTV version is directly connected to the movie, so do enjoy it together. Despite we keep “Uho Uho” and talk about bullshit, but in the end it was a great story that befits the theme of Gintama.”

The special interview video will also feature questions like “Please describe your character with a single word” and also the “Gintama” fans’ messages. Do check out the main content of “Gintama THE SEMI-FINAL”‘s “Shinsengumi Arc ‘Isn’t it normal to make an important decision at the last minute'” as well.

(C)Sorachi Hideaki/ Shueisha, TV TOKYO, Dentsu, BNP, Aniplex