It has been announced that the TV anime “Baban Baban Ban Vampire” will be broadcast from January 2025 in the new anime slot “IMAnimation” across 24 TV Asahi network stations nationwide. Along with this announcement, a teaser visual and a teaser PV have been released. It has also been announced that Namikawa Daisuke will play the role of Mori Ranmaru, and Kobayashi Yusuke will play the role of Tatsuno Rihito, with comments being received from both as well.

“Baban Baban Ban Vampire” is a “bloody love comedy (BL)” based on the manga by Okujima Hiromasa, serialized in “Bessatsu Shonen Champion”. The story revolves around Mori Ranmaru, a 450-year-old vampire working as a live-in bathhouse attendant, who seeks the ultimate delicacy, “the blood of an 18-year-old virgin boy”. He watches over the growth and purity of Rihito (15 years old), the only son of the bathhouse owner. However, one day, a major crisis strikes when Rihito falls in love with a female classmate, leading to a story of love and confusion in the steamy nights.

The TV anime adaptation of this work will start being broadcast from January 2025 in the “IMAnimation” slot on the TV Asahi network. Along with the teaser visual and teaser PV release, it was revealed that Namikawa Daisuke will play Mori Ranmaru, and Kobayashi Yusuke will play Tatsuno Rihito. The anime is directed and scripted by Kawasaki Itsuro, with Ban Yukiko in charge of character design and GAINA responsible for animation production.

The teaser visual, reminiscent of the cover of the first volume of the original comic, features the handsome vampire Mori Ranmaru in a surreal bathhouse cleaner outfit. The teaser PV also reveals Namikawa’s voice as Ranmaru for the first time. The anime expresses the unexpected world of a “vampire” living in a “bathhouse”. Comments from Namikawa and Kobayashi have also been received.

The TV anime “Baban Baban Ban Vampire” is a “bloody love comedy (BL)” based on the manga by Okujima Hiromasa, and will air as the second series in the new “IMAnimation” slot on the TV Asahi network from January 2025. Stay tuned for further updates on the cast of unique characters.

Mori Ranmaru CV Namikawa Daisuke

– The Appeal of This Work
Everyone is straightforward and desperate. However, things don’t go as smoothly as they hope. There are many critical moments. How they overcome them is a major appeal. This work makes great use of common settings, making it very relatable. The title is punchy, but once you say it a few times, it’ll be engraved in your memory, and you’ll understand its appeal when you watch it.

– Enthusiasm for Playing the Role
I am filled with enthusiasm. How to portray the aura emanating from this handsome character. How to differentiate between perfected and over-the-top charm. How to balance seriousness and humor. How to make it more interesting. How to express the tender sorrow coming from the character’s experience. My mind is already full of Baban Ban Ban… huh? Not quite. I’ll do my best!

Tatsuno Rihito CV Kobayashi Yusuke

– The Appeal of This Work
The chaos that arises from each character acting honestly to their feelings. Especially, Mori-san’s actions always seem to tighten his own noose. The unexpected directions these actions take are very entertaining.

– Enthusiasm for Playing the Role
The key is how to convey the purity that deeply moves Mori-san. It’s different from expressing a bit of jealousy or exaggerated cuteness; it’s about showing genuine emotions straightforward. I’m looking forward to recording and matching the vibes with other characters.

TV Anime “Baban Baban Ban Vampire”
◆Broadcast Information
Starting January 2025, every Saturday at 11:30 PM~
Broadcast on TV Asahi network’s 24 stations nationwide in the “IMAnimation” slot

Original Work: Okujima Hiromasa (serialized in “Bessatsu Shonen Champion” issued by Akita Shoten)
Director/Script: Kawasaki Itsuro
Assistant Director: Tamano Takahiro
Character Design/Chief Animation Director: Ban Yukiko
Sub Character Design: Minakata Manami
Chief Animation Directors: Masuda Shunsuke, Kiyomaru Satoru
Prop Design: Ikemori Emi, Masuda Shunsuke, Tamura Ryota
Color Design: Yoshimura Tomoe
Art Supervisor: Kato Hiroshi (Totonyan)
Art Director: Sakagami Hirofumi (Totonyan)
Art Settings: Kato Hiroshi (Totonyan), Asami Yuichi (Totonyan)
Photography Director: Koike Rieko (Assez Finaud Fabric.)
Editing: Hiraki Daisuke (Assez Finaud Fabric.)
2D Design: Ikeuchi Sho
3DCG Director: Umise Dai
Special Effects: Ishihara Tomomi
Music: Ichikawa Atsushi (Julydex)
Sound Effects: Koyama Yasuhiro
Sound Production: Bit Grooove Promotion
Animation Production: GAINA

Mori Ranmaru: Namikawa Daisuke
Tatsuno Rihito: Kobayashi Yusuke

(C) Okujima Hiromasa (Akita Shoten) / Anime “Bababa” Production Committee