February 5 is Kobayashi Yuu-san’s birthday.

Kobayashi Yuu-san started her career as a voice actress in 2009. She was chosen as the Best Rookie Actress at 2nd Seiyu Awards. She played the main character in 2020 in “Nekoneko Nihonshi The Movie – Ryoma no Hachamecha Time Travel Zeyo -” and “Dorohedoro”. She will also appear in “Vlad Love”. Also, it became a hot topic that the unit Zetsubou Shoujotachi was reunited for the first time in 10 years.

So, here at Anime!Anime!, to celebrate Kobayashi Yuu-san’s birthday, we conducted the reader survey titled ‘Who is your favorite character voiced by Kobayashi Yuu?’. During the survey period from January 19 to 26, a total of 184 responses were received. For the gender ratio, the females are the majority with about 70% while the males are about 30%. For the age distribution, we received the majority of responses from the readers of younger ages: about 60% are from minors, and 20% are in their twenties.

■Sarutobi Ayame from “Gintama” came to the top as last year! Boys characters were also popular
1st place
1st place went to Sarutobi Ayame from “Gintama” as last year. The support rating is about 30%.

The comments received are, ‘I like her getting out of control in front of Gin-san, and becoming a girl with man spirit under serious situations’, and ‘She is sometimes playful but sometimes reliable. You will see how skillfully Kobayashi Yuu-san is playing this character’. These comments appraise her playing a variety of aspects of this character well.
Especially, for the scenes where she gets out of control as she loves the protagonist Sakata Gintoki too much, the readers said, ‘She is apparently hot, but sometimes acts vulgarly, which matches Gintama style’, ‘She plays well even when she gets out of control, which is amazing’, and ‘I cannot imagine the character voiced by any actress other than Kobayashi-san’.

2nd place
2nd place went to Sasha Blouse from “Attack on Titan” as last year. The support rating is about 20%.

The comments received are, ‘She is a very determined and brave soldier. Because of that, she is sometimes rude, but is warm-hearted’, ‘She apparently looks inconsiderate, but actually delicate and thoughtful. Such atmosphere matches Kobayashi-san well’. These comments mention about her acting thoughtfulness of the character well.
Some readers talked about her eating scene, saying ‘She is cute and loves eating. It was impressive that she was eating baked sweet potato upon her first appearance’, and ‘The line “This is steamed potatoes!”, when she was eating potatoes in front of the instructor, was too funny’.

3rd place
3rd place went to Kirino Ranmaru from “Inazuma Eleven GO”. The support rating is about 8%. These top 3 characters were the same as last year.

The comments received are, ‘He is a cute girl-looking handsome boy, but reliable, which is attractive’, ‘I like Kobayashi Yuu-san playing boy-characters’, ‘I was surprised by the difference between her real voice and acting voice’. These comments show how surprised the readers were when she voiced a jjunior-high-school boy.
Among the male characters voiced by Kobayashi-san, Aoba Tadamichi from “Dan Doh!!” and Urushibara Luka from “Steins;Gate” also got some votes.

■Let’s introduce other comments!!

For Tohoten Otome from “Hypnosis Mic: Division Rap Battle”;
‘She is strong as well as beautiful, which is wonderful. Her powerful rapping was also cool.’
For Cathy from “Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal”;
‘I found some gap as I thought she had always been voicing boys characters in hobby anime, but here she was playing a cute girl that loves the protagonist secretly.’

For Asahina Kikuno from “Sket Dance”;
‘Her line DOS(Dobu de, Oborete, Shine / lit. drown in a ditch) is so intense. She always says such intense words, but she loves her nickname Daisy and cute things, and is thoughtful about her friends, which is cute.’
Serinuma Kae from “Kiss Him, Not Me”
‘She was fat at the beginning, but gradually losing weight and became a beauty. The difference of voice was so amazing that I thought as if different people had voiced.’

For the entire ranking, Sakamoto Ryoma and Oichi were ranked from “Nekoneko Nihonshi”, where she has been playing main characters.

‘Who is your favorite character voiced by Kobayashi Yuu? 2021’
1. Sarutobi Ayame “Gintama”
2. Sasha Blouse “Attack on Titan”
3. Kirino Ranmaru “Inazuma Eleven GO”
4. Tohoten Otome “Hypnosis Mic: Division Rap Battle”
5. Yokoshima Naruko “Seitokai Yakuindomo”
6. Enkidu “Fate/Grand Order – Absolute Demonic Battlefront: Babylonia”
7. Urushibara Luka “Steins;Gate”
7. Charlotte Roselei “Black Clover”
9. Oichi “Nekoneko Nihonshi”
9. Aoba Tadamichi “Dan Doh!!”
9. Sakurasaki Setsuna “Negima! Magister Negi Magi”
9. Chain Sumeragi ”Blood Blockade Battlefront”
13. Sakamoto Ryoma “Nekoneko Nihonshi The Movie – Ryoma no Hachamecha Time Travel Zeyo -”
13. Shido Mariya “Maria†Holic”
13. Lucina “Fire Emblem Awakening”

(Survey Period: January 19 – 26, 2021)