GW’s special project “Catch up from now on! ‘Digimon Adventure:’ Best Selection”, which allows you to watch the original TV anime for free on FOD and TVer, has been announced for “Digimon Adventure:”.

The campaign visual is a special visual that shows a presenter who announces recommended works, with this time is the main character Yagami Taichi wearing a black tie and Agumon wearing a bow tie.

The anime, which can be viewed for free, includes 12 works in total, and each episode received “recommended points” from each of the eight selected children.

Also, prior to the start of the campaign, episodes 1 and 2 are now available for free.

“Catch up from now on! ‘Digimon Adventure:’ Best Selection” will be held on FOD and TVer for a limited time from April 29 to May 5, 2021.

Number of target stories & comments from selected children
Episode 1 “Tokyo Digital Crisis”
Yagami Taichi
Comment: Check out the battle between me and Agumon with Argomon! Let’s face the crisis in Tokyo with a perfect combination!

Episode 2 “War Game”
Yamato Ishida
Comment: Check out Garurumon’s speed and mobility. Even opponents who cannot win straightforwardly should be able to break through by making full use of their brains.

Episode 20 “The Seventh One Awakens”
Takaishi Takeru
Comment: Onii-chan, he was so crazy to rescue me…! Keep an eye on the throbbing rescue drama!

Episode 21 “The Tide-Turning Update”
Kido Joe
Comment: Check out everyone fighting in each place! Not to mention Taichi’s death fight, we can’t miss the conversation between us and our family who have returned to Tokyo!

Episode 22 “The Unbeatable Blue Sagittarius”
Koshiro Izumi
Comment: Check out the relationship between Yamato-san, Gabumon, and Takeru-kun. Their unyielding feelings cause a miracle in WereGarurumon!

Episode 24 “The Final Stage, DoneDevimon”
Yamato Ishida
Comment: An unprecedented enemy, DoneDevimon. The vicious vibration awakens the power to sleep in MetalGreymon. Keep an eye on the battle of the giant Digimon who run away!

Episode 30 “The Mega Digimon, WarGreymon”
Yagami Taichi
Comment: Countless enemies, the ultimate standing. But we won’t lose! Me and Agumon’s courage gonna stand up again and again!

Episode 32 “Soaring Hope”
Takeru Takaishi
Comment: Superspeed battle while running on Komondomon to escape from Cerberumon! I want you to support Komondomon who works hard!

Episode 33 “The Hikari of Dawn”
Takenouchi Haruhiko
Comment: Please watch each battle of Taichi and Hikari-chan. Maybe those brothers and sisters are similar to each other but when they ready…

Episode 34 “Hikari and Tailmon”
Kamiya Hikari
Comment: We arrived at the mysterious city of water in the sea. Please pay attention to the wonderful hospitality unique to Digital World.

Episode 36 “Operation Satellite Sniper ”
Koshiro Izumi
Comment: This battle is a big aerial battle! It’s important for you to see how I, Tentomon, and Taichi-san pave the way to the target point!

Episode 37 “Mimi-chan Wars”
Tachikawa Mimi
Comment: I, Mimi and Palmon, kill the black companies in the digital world! Pay attention to the great success of Mimi Tachikawa, the president of Toshikazu!

Catch up from now on! “Digimon Adventure:” Best Selection
Time period: April 29 (Thursday) 12:00 A.M. to May 5 (Wednesday) 11:59 P.M.

“Digimon Adventure:”
Broadcasting every Sunday morning from 9:00 A.M. on Fuji TV and other channels!
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