Voice actor Hanazawa Kana will play the role of lovely runaway smartphone Jexi in the the dubbed version of the movie “Jexi! I just changed my smartphone”, the l latest comedy movie by the team that brought us “Hangover!”.
Other cast that have been announced for the dubbed version include appearances by Tomokazu Sugita, Ayana Taketatsu, Tomokazu Seki, Daisuke Ono, Romi Paku, and Subaru Kimura, and we have also received their comments.

In the notice that was released earlier about the dubbed version,
there was a lot of talk about punchy joke's runaway Jexi, and it was revealed this time that Kana Hanazawa will play the role of Jexi this time.
It was a hot topic about Jexi's punchy runaway, but it was revealed that Kana Hanazawa played the role of Jexi this time.
Hanazawa said in a comment video, “I'm saying a lot of dialogue that I usually never say!”, with the effort that she put into playing such a dialogue it is definitely a must-see.

On top of that, in the dubbed version, Tomokazu Sugita will play Phil who has Jexi and is a disaster, and Ayana Taketatsu is Phil's first girlfriend Cate, with Tomoichi Seki as Phil's workplace boss Kai.
Daisuke Ono will also make an appearance in the role of Cate's ex-boyfriend Brody, Romi Paku as the smartphone shop clerk Denice, and Subaru Kimura will play the role of popular rapper Kid Cudi.
We hope that you go to see the “runaway stalking of a loved smartphone” that the gorgeous voice actors are excited about in the theater.

The movie “Jexi! I just changed my smartphone” will be shown on Nationwide Roadshow from August 14, 2020.

<Following are full comments from the cast>
[Kana Hanazawa (plays the role of “Jexi”, a runaway smartphone in love)]
There are so many vulgar lines that I have never had to say before (haha). While voicing I always thought “What is the best way to describe Jexi without everyone getting full and wanting more?”.
I began to think “if you feel that the machine is saying, it will go in more smoothly?” Please come to the theater to watch it with your important smartphone! Maybe I will have been installed on it by the time you go home!

[Tomokazu Sugita (in the role of the nerd boy “Phil” swayed by Jexi)”
I felt that it was a painful message from the author regarding things and people who were successful and in the limelight, rather than a warning that it was dangerous to rely on machines. Jexi, I can't completely deny you completely. A nerdy geek.

[Ayana Taketatsu (in the role of Phil's heroine & Jexi's rival, “Cate”)]
I'm Ayana Taketatsu, and I play the role of Cate.
When I read the script for the first time, I was surprised because there were so many exciting lines! Haha
I would be very grateful if you could support what happens in the triangle relationship between Phil, Jexi, and Cate (!?)!

[Tomokazu Seki (in the role of Virgin Power Harassment Boss “Kai”)]
It was a new type of comedy that I have never seen before! I think that it is a work that adults can enjoy more when they see it because there are many harsh interactions. The role I played was very tense. At the end, an unexpected development is waiting for you. Please look forward to!!

[Daisuke Ono (in the role of Cate's former macho and handsome boyfriend “Brody”)]
After recording, I started using an AI for a smartphone that I don't usually use.
But it is no match for Jexi. Please check out Jexi's charm in the actual movie.

[Romi Paku (in the role of “Denice”, a clerk at a smartphone shop who is good at talking about looking down on smartphone users)]
I wanted to be more kind to the AI of smartphones that are all around me. Haha.
Feel the “shape of love” from Jexi! !!

Subaru Kimura (in the role of popular rapper “Kid Cudi”)
I was completely blown away! There is no doubt that even the smallest of troubles will be blown away due to the mess of unprecedented development that occurs!
I love movies like this. I felt that I should be kind to smartphones.

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