“Hello! Pri Chan World”, the first solo concert of the TV anime “Kiratto Pri Chan”, was streamed on “ULIZA” as a crowdless live stream on Jul. 18, 2020. This is a report of the daytime performance.

The concert started with the opening VTR by DAIA followed by cheering comments from the fans, and they started their performance with a shout, “Hello! Pri Chan World Start Damon♪”
Miracle Kirats appeared on stage as the first performers, dancing to “SUPER CUTIE SUPER GIRL”, a cute performance just like from the TV anime, and next came Meltic Star singing the musical style song “Netemo Sametemo DREAMIN' GIRL”.
In their solo songs from the TV anime, they brought out the charm of the characters with performances making the most of their characteristics.

Next on stage was Emo (Kubota Miyu) from Miracle Kirats and Anna (Serizawa Yuu) from Meltic Star. The two rivals had their classic lovers quarrel, but were in sync for the song and dance of “Tsuyoki! Twintails” with their signature twintails.
After the digested opening video from the TV anime, Run Girls, Run! in their new parade-style costume came on stage. They performed “Illuminage Land”, the opening theme song of “Kiratto Pre Chan” season 3, for the first time in a “Pretty Series” concert, and the popular “Kiratto Start”.

Dia (Sasaki Riko) sang “Friend Password” with her amazing singing voice, Maria (Akaneya Himika) showed off her cuteness in the camera, and Suzu (Tokui Sora) performed her astonishing rap in “Cutie Breakin'”.
Then a digest video of Anju was screened and Anju (Mimori Suzuko), who appeared on the “Pretty Series” concert for the first time, came on stage in a dressy costume performing “Fortune Carat” with her beautiful voice and pretty dance, fascinating the fans watching the stream.

After the screening of a season 2 digest, Mirai (Hayashi Coco) and Dia (Sasaki Riko) gave a moving performance of “MEMORIES FOR FUTURE”, which reminds you of the scenes from season 2.
As the concert came to the last part of the show, the energy of the performers was at its max. Maria (Akaneya Himika) and Suzu (Tokui Sora) expressed their feelings for each other in “Individual Jewel” by Ring Mary. Meltic Star performed “COMETIC SILHOUETTE” and “La La Meltic StAr” with a strong presence, and Miracle Kirats were full of energy singing “Otome Attention Please” and “Rocket Heart” for the first time in a concert.

In the last MC, Mimori Suzuko, who was performing for the first time in the concert, said, “I always wanted to be a part of this concert. I'm so happy it came true. It was a great experience to become Anju-san from head to toe. I'd love to hear everyone's voice in person for the next concert,” expressing her gratitude to the crowd. Hayashi Coco said with a smile, “I'm glad that we could pull off the first solo concert of 'Kiratto Pri Chan' by streaming. This was thanks to all your support. Thank you very much.”
At the end of the concert, all the performers sang “Diamond Smile”, the opening theme song of the TV anime “Kiratto Pri Chan” season 2. Meltic Star and Ring Mary even went down to the audience seats and showed off in front of the camera, a performance exclusive to a crowdless streaming. The concert ended with great success.

(C)T-ARTS / syn Sophia / TV Tokyo / PCH3 Production Committee