The 6th cast for ASMR work “Nekogurashi” has been announced. The voice actress Tsuda Minami, who is known for Funami Yui from “Yuru Yuri” and Kohinata Miho from “Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls”, will be playing “Persian Cat”.

“Nekogurashi” is a 2-hour ASMR, which provides humans with “relaxing feeling” and “chilling brains” through ears and eyesight. The work is set in the hotel Nekomeikan, which locates between the this world and the underworld, and depicts the lives of “the chosen one (listener)” and the unique catgirls.

In this work, Uesaka Sumire played “Calico Cat” in 1st edition, Taketatsu Ayana played “White Cat” in 2nd edition, Aida Rikako played “Black Cat” in 3rd edition, Kayano Ai played “Siamese Cat” in 4th edition, and Takatsuki Kanako played “Bengal Cat” in 5th edition. It has already released more than 31,000 copies in total a month after the release on Jun. 15, 2020.

“Persian Cat”, whom Tsuda plays this time, is a princess-like character who lives in her own pace. She learned the wrong Japanese while living abroad, and also devotes herself to much to her master, which sometimes makes us worry.
Why don't you get relaxed with her lines, which states, “Persian cat … is very good at massage…I will keep your sleeping face to myself tonight♪”.

“Nekogurashi~Persian Cat Girl and Happy Night~” is currently available for 1,980 JPY (tax included) at “DLsite”.
Also, the 7th edition, which is the last work for the series, will be released on Jul. 27. The cast and detailed information will be announced later.