The movie “THE FIRST SLAM DUNK” will be released on December 3, 2022. The casts for the 5 Shohoku members have been announced in “THE FIRST SLAM DUNK Latest Information Release Special Program” that was streamed recently.

The movie is based on a shonen manga “SLAM DUNK”, which was written by Inoue Takehiko and serialized on “Weekly Shonen Jump” from the 42nd issue in 1990 to 27th issue in 1996. Based on high school basketball as its main topic, it depicts the player’s growth as an individual, and it has sold more than 120 million copies nationwide.

The popular manga will be made into an animated movie. The original author Inoue will be in charge of the direction and screenplay, and the character design and animation director will be handled by Ebara Yasuyuki, known for the character design for “Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress” and animation/action animation director for “Attack on Titan”.

The cast members have been announced for the 5 members of the Shohoku High School basketball team. Miyagi Ryota (PG) will be played by Nakamura Shugo, Mitsui Hisashi (SG) by Kasama Jun, Rukawa Kaede (SF) by Kamio Shinichiro, Sakuragi Hanamichi (PF) by Kimura Subaru, and Akagi Takenori (captain, C) by Miyake Kenta.

Normally the movies’ screening schedules become open to the public 2-3 days in advance, but this movie has already announced on October 31 the schedule from the premiere date to December 8.
Reserved-seat tickets are now available for the mentioned dates from 12:00 am on November 5. Along with the early announcement of the screening schedule, the measure to release reserved-seat tickets in one month advance is also the first attempt in the movie industry. If you are a fan and wish to watch it as soon as possible, please check out the ticket information.

“THE FIRST SLAM DUNK” will be released nationwide on December 3, 2022.

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