The character visuals and cast for the TV anime “Tenchisozo Design Bu”, scheduled to be broadcast on 2021, are announced. It was decided that Enkoi Junya and Hara Yumi will participate in this work and the enthusiasm comments from them are here.

The anime “Tenchisozo Design Bu” is based on a manga with the same name by Hebizou&Suzuki Tsuta as the original work and Tarako in charge of the art. It is serialized on “Morning two” since 2017.
The story starts when the client (the almighty God that created the heaven) subcontract with the Heaven's Design Team after getting bored of creating the living being on the ground. It is a “living being creation related job comedy” and depicts the daily discovery, efforts while creating living beings of the communicator (angels), designers, and engineers.
It was ranked 10th place on the “Kono Manga Sugoi! 2019 Otoko Hen (This manga is amazing! 2019 Boy Category)” by Takarajimasha Publishing.

This time, the character visuals and the first list of casts are announced. The protagonist, Shimoda, a newbie angel that acts as a communicator between God and the design team, is voiced by Enoki Junya (the voice of the main protagonist for “Hataraku Saibou Black” and “Jujutsu Kaisen”). The superior of Shimoda, who is also an angel and not easily agitated by things, Ueda is voiced by Hara Yumi. Together with this announcement, we have received their enthusiasm including “I will borrow the combined strength of everyone to create amazing work and deliver it to everyone!”.

TV anime “Tenchisozo Design Bu” is scheduled to be broadcast on 2021.

<Below are the full comment>
Shimoda, voiced by Enoki Junya
The workplace is a gathering of amazing casts and staff. As Shimoda, that I am voicing, is a newborn angel, I will be able to enjoy this works on the same perception with all the audience. I will borrow the combined strength of everyone to create amazing work and deliver it to everyone!

Ueda, voiced by Hara Yumi
Since I had read the original manga during the audition, I had become a big fan of it as it was quite interesting! It is an enjoyable work as it helped me learn a lot about actual living beings and all the characters are unique as well. I will do my best during the after recording so that this interesting work can be delivered to everyone.

(C)Hebizou&Suzuki Tsuta/Tarako/Kodansha/Tenchisozo Design Bu Production Committee