On “Say You to Yo Asobi WEEKEND New Structure Announcement SP” broadcast on April 1, 2023, Seki Tomokazu, Namikawa Daisuke, Morikubo Showtaro, Yasumoto Hiroki, Shimono Hiro, Okamoto Nobuhiko, Kaneda Tomoko, and Ishikawa Kaito made an appearance. In addition to announcing the new structure of the upcomming season “Say You to Yo Asobi 2023,” which will begin its sixth year in April, they discussed the past seasons.

The broadcast began in an after-party mood with a “Cheers” to the final “Weekend” of the “Say You to Yo Asobi 2022” season. Before announcing the new structure, the program started with a look back at the past seasons of “Yo-Asobi” and the past MCs.

When reflecting on the 2022 season, Yasumoto said, “Okamoto Nobuhiko worked too hard” and “He was so enthusiastic that he made me go another round on the electric shock chair for the final episode, even though I didn’t have to, and my butt almost got destroyed…” Okamoto had a sadistic reply, “It looked like a lot of fun. I couldn’t tell that Yasumoto-san was in pain.”

As the ranking of guest appearances over the past five years was announced, Seki shared a “Yo Asobi” episode with a big-name guest, which he said was particularly common on Fridays. “I think I tied up Yamadera (Koichi)-san in tortoise shell bondage. Mitsuya (Yuji)-san and Inoue Kazuhiko-san too. I’m surprised they let me do it.” An aggressive “play” only Seki can offer. When mentioning Matsumoto Rika’s three appearances, Seki complained to the staff, saying, “She’s my senior who has taken care of me since my debut, and I feel so indebted to her,” and “When the staff wants to punish me, they bring Matsumoto-san.
Later, Namikawa predicted, “Matsumoto Rika-san and Seki-san (for the new season)?” Seki’s unusually cowering response filled the studio with laughs, “Oh no, absolutely impossible!”

As they enjoyed a friendly review of the past five years of broadcasting, it was finally time to announce the new structure. It was announced at the luxurious “Shinjuku Yunika Vision,” and Kaneda and Sobi appeared on site to watch the announcement with the fans.

The new structure and the appointment of Shirai Yusuke, Taniyama Kisho, Aina Suzuki, and Hanae Natsuki as the new MCs were finally announced. The fans who came to watch the event cheered, and viewers commented, ” This is crazy exciting,” “The members are amazing,” “I literally screamed,” and “I have to watch all episodes”.

After that, they talked about their enthusiasm for the future. Shimono says that he and his new partner, Taniyama Kisho, are such good friends that they hang out at each other’s houses in private. Since this is the first time he is teaming up with a man, Seki is excited, saying, “I think I may see something I have never seen before in Shimono-kun,” to which Shimono responds, “Since we are both men, it is highly possible that I could be tied up too (laughs).

When asked about his relationship with his new partner Hanae, Namikawa replied, “He thinks of me as his little brother! He always makes fun of me,” confessing to having an unreserved relationship. The MCs agreed, saying, “That’s your distance,” and “I can understand.” Namikawa then said, “He’s a genius at live broadcasting, but I don’t know how he’s going to come out for ‘adult’ nightlife,” suggesting that it will be an unpredictable Yo Asobi experience.

The new Friday duo of Seki and Okamoto, who have never spoken to each other in-depth, talked about their distant relationship, and Morikubo (MC of Walkers) and Ishikawa (MC of Weekend), who have taken over as MCs, talked about the renewal of “Walkers,” which has become a strip program, and “Weekend,” which will hold a live public broadcast once a month.
The last message was “Please continue to support us in the 6th year!” and closed the final episode of “Yo Asobi” of the season.

In addition, an extended live pay-per-view broadcast on “ABEMA PPV ONLINE LIVE” after the live broadcast ended, with the message “Celebration! Namikawa Daisuke turns 47! Birthday Gift Event” was held. Each member gave Namikawa a gift that they had prepared, but Okamoto gave him “R18” curry chips, which were known to be extremely spicy, and for some reason, all the members ended up eating them… The crazy birthday party, where the studio was flooded with screams over the extremely spicy chips, is now exclusively available on “ABEMA Premium”.