On July 27, 2021, a press conference was held to announce the production of “Kamen Rider Revice”, the third Reiwa Kamen Rider, which will be born in the 50th anniversary year of the “Kamen Rider” series. The amazing cast members appeared on stage, including Maeda Kentarou, who will be playing the main character Igarashi Ikki / Kamen Rider Revi, and Kimura Subaru, who will be playing the “voice” of his partner demon, Vice / Kamen Rider Vice.

The concept of this title is the “Kamen Rider that makes a deal with a demon. The protagonist Igarashi Ikki makes a deal with the demon Vice that resides in him to gain the “power to fight” to protect his beloved family from the demon-worshipping organization called Deadmans.
Since this is an unprecedented Kamen Rider in which a hero and a demon, two complete opposites, partner up, the Henshin scene is also extraordinary. When Ikki shouts “Henshin!”, he turns into “Kamen Rider Revi” and the demon Vice becomes “Kamen Rider Vice”. In other words, a single person transforms into two Kamen Riders.

These unordinary buddy riders not only perform acrobatic and tricky actions but also become one to use super special moves. The show is also attracting attention for featuring a “hoverbike”, a symbol of the new age.

■Production Announcement Press Conference

In addition to Maeda and Kimura, the other members of the cast at the press conference were Hyuuga Wataru (as Igarashi Daiji), Imoto Ayaka (as Igarashi Sakura), Hamao Noritaka (as the scientist George Karizaki), Emi Kurara (as Igarashi Yukimi), and Totsugi Shigeyuki (as Igarashi Genta).

At the beginning of the press conference, an original mini-drama, in which Kimura Subaru and George Karisaki come to “Shiawaseyu”, where the main story is set in, was played. There was also a surprise performance of Kamen Rider Vice freely walking around the venue during the press conference, which greatly increased the anticipation for the start of the show.

In the middle of the press conference, the host announcer, Miyajima Sakura was abducted by the enemy organization, and a live broadcast was held from the Deadmans’ base. Here, Asakura Yi (as Aguilera), Seki Hayata (as Olteca), and Hachijouin Kuroudo (as Julio), who play the three leading members of Deadmans, were introduced.

Also, it was announced that the special collab unit of Da-iCE and Kimura Subaru, “Da-iCE feat. Kimura Subaru”, will be singing the main theme song, “liveDevil”, for the show.

The series’ 50th-anniversary title, “Kamen Riser Revice”, will be broadcast on 24 TV Asahi stations from 9:00 a.m. on Sundays starting September 5, 2021.

■Full Comments Are As Below

Comments from Maeda Kentarou (as Igarashi Ikki/Kamen Rider Revice)

――Tell us about your character.
Ikki is very serious, straightforward, and has a strong sense of his own justice. The sentou (Japanese communal bathhouse) that he and his family have been protecting is the most important thing to him, and he is willing to sacrifice himself to protect it. He works soo hard that his younger sister and brother sometimes think of him as a “nosy big brother”, but it’s all because he is a person with love for others and his family.
He and his partner Vice will be fighting together, and I think their combination and interaction is the highlight of the show. Please look forward to it.

――How did you feel when you were chosen as the cast for “Kamen Rider Revice”?
When I was told we were going to have a meeting at the office, I was nervous to go because I thought I was in trouble, so when the manager came in filming me and told me “You got a role in ‘Kamen Rider'”, I blanked out and didn’t know what to say. I felt bad for my manager for not being able to make a show for the video, haha.
At first, I felt a lot of pressure and anxiety since it was the 50th anniversary of the series, but we had a meeting three days later and went right into the filming, so I was caught up in trying to keep up.
I loved both Kamen Rider and Super Sentai, so I always wanted to be a hero as a child. I am very happy to be able to fulfill both my childhood dream and my dream to become a Kamen Rider as an actor.

――A film adaptation of “Kamen Rider Revice” is already in theaters. What are your impressions of it?
It made me very happy to be a part of a work that the staff and cast members worked together to create. It was my first time seeing myself on the big screen, so it was a strange experience to see a bigger me.

――What kind of show do you want “Kamen Rider Revice” to be?
I think all the cast members feel the same way. Our senpais from the past series gave us the dream of “wanting to be a Kamen Rider”, so I wish to be able to do the same to everyone. I want to make “Kamen Rider Revise” a Kamen Rider that can give people dreams.

――How’s your relationship with Hyuuga Wataru-san, who plays Ikki’s little brother Igarashi Daiji?
Hyuuga is so sweet! Even in private, he sometimes calls me “big brother”. I really can’t resist his charm.

――Tell us the most memorable part of the audition for “Kamen Rider Revice”.
I was super nervous during the audition, but Hamao (Noritaka)-san came to talk to me. Both of us made it to the final audition, and I’m glad that we are able to work together with him in the show.

――What should we look out for in the Henshin pose?
The pose was designed in honor of the series’ 50th anniversary, and I personally call it the “Igarashi Pose”, haha. You should all try it when you take pics! Also, the belt’s sound when transforming is super cool, so please check it out.

――Tell us your enthusiasm for the show on behalf of the cast members!
All the staff and cast members will work together to make “Kamen Rider Revice” a super cool Rider, so please look forward to it!

――How did you feel after the online live production announcement?
It was the first time for me to be seen by so many people, so I was nervous at first, but thanks to the support of the other cast members, I began to ease up, and it turned out to be a very enjoyable live stream!

Comments from Kimura Subaru (as the voice of Vice/Kamen Rider Vice)

――Tell us about your character.
Vice is a cheerful and fun guy. Please pay attention to what he does and his combination with Ikki.

――How did you feel when you were chosen as the cast for “Kamen Rider Revice”?
I was so happy. When I first got the offer, I was told that I will be playing the lead role, so I was surprised and went, “What? The lead role? But I’m a voice actor. How can that be?”, haha. As I heard more about it, I thought this new Kamen Rider sounds really interesting and got excited.
The day I first met Maeda-kun, he was really nervous, haha. We talked about many things as we would be working together for the next year, but he was so serious! You would find Maeda under the definition of “serious” in a dictionary.
I was struck by Maeda-kun’s bold attitude taking on any challenge and working hard. It gave me the chance to go back to the basics or rather rethink my job as a voice actor from scratch, doing what I can do as a voice actor to the best of my ability. We made a good team!

――Vice also changes into a hoverbike. What was your impression of seeing that scene?
Vice and Revi transform into various things, but Vice can also become a vehicle. Isn’t this cool?! I don’t think anyone has ever transformed into a hoverbike, haha. There’s a scene where he flys over the ocean with Revi. It was really fun to be flying while feeling the ocean breeze and saying, “Look! I’m flying!”, haha. I’m actually quite excited to see what other vehicles he will be able to transform into.

――You are collaborating with Da-iCE for the main theme song, “liveDevil”. Tell us about how you felt when you were chosen to sing the theme song.

I’m so happy just to be able to appear in Kamen Rider and I can even sing the theme song… I was like “But why?!”. I’m really honored and I will do my best so that everyone can enjoy “Kamen Rider Revice” from the theme song. Da-iCE-san is super cool so they perfectly match “Kamen Rider Revice”! Please look forward to it.

Comments from Hyuuga Wataru (as Igarashi Daiji)

――Tell us about your character.
My character, Daiji, is the middle brother of the three siblings. He’s smart and athletic but is also mentally fragile, so I hope we can together see how he grows through this year.

――How did you feel when you were chosen as the cast for “Kamen Rider Revice”?
I wasn’t confident about the final audition at all and thought I wouldn’t get the role, so I felt down during the few days until I got the results. My agency surprised me by calling me out saying, “There’s another audition coming up so let’s read through the script.” I knew there wouldn’t be another audition if I got the role since I would be shooting for the next year, so I thought I didn’t get the role and was going to leave my sad feelings behind and move on. But when I got there, I was given an envelope that had a letter saying I got the job! There was a meeting the next day, so I didn’t even get the time to be surprised, and here I am.

――You play the role of the younger brother who is at the mercy of his older brother, Ikki. How is your relationship with Maeda-san, who plays Ikki?
He is annoyed by his brother’s nosy attitude in the show, but at heart he loves him. In real life, me and Ken-chan (Maeda Kentarou) are four years apart in age, but since we have many scenes together, we try to encourage each other in this unfamiliar environment. He treats me like a real brother and is the kind of big brother who pulls me forward by showing me the way.

――There is a lot of anticipation that you will also become a Kamen Rider. What are your thoughts?
Let’s get straight to it… Yes, I will become a Kamen Rider! I can’t tell you when it will be or in what situation it will happen, but I believe I will be fighting along with my big brother. I hope you’ll look forward to it!

Comments from Imoto Ayaka (as Igarashi Sakura)

――Tell us about your character.
Sakura is the youngest of the three siblings. She practices karate and is the most physically capable of them. Although she is kind, she is in that adolescent age and tries to act cool, so I hope you can see that side of her too.

――How did you feel when you were chosen as the cast for “Kamen Rider Revice”?
Like everyone else, I was also surprised by my manager. I was told to come to the office for an interview, and when I got there I was told, “You passed the audition. How do you feel about it?” I blanked out and couldn’t say anything. I realized that people forget how to speak when they’re surprised.

――It’s said that there are many family scenes. What are your impressions of the shooting?
There are a lot of scenes with my big brothers, and we’re together most of the time. The shooting always has a good vibe and lets me act comfortably. I really enjoy it because I can talk with my family, including Totsugi-san and Emi-san, about different things during the breaks. I feel like we are a real family.

Comments from Hamao Noritaka (as George Karizaki)

――Tell us about your character.
George Karizaki is a genius researcher for Phoenix, the government’s special agency that fights against the demon-worshipping organization, Deadmans. He is the one who created Kamen Rider Revice’s Henshin Driver, but he gets too excited when it comes to Kamen Riders.

――How did you feel when you were chosen as the cast for “Kamen Rider Revice”?
I wasn’t given a surprise announcement. My manager just told me that I got the role. Actually, I’m also a Kamen Rider freak, just like my character… But my father is even more intense and collects the DVD Boxes and figures for all series. I was born in November of 1999, two months before “Kamen Rider Kuuga” started, so I’ve been watching all the Showa Riders with my father since before I can remember. When I got this role, my father burst into tears… I’ve always been troubling him since I started this job, so I was glad to be able to do something that made him happy for the first time!

――Do you have an episode that connects you and Kamen Rider?
The Kamen Rider universe is deep and there are so many fans that it might be presumptuous for me to refer to myself as a fan, but I can say with confidence that my father is a super devoted fan. He called me “Kuuga-boy” until I went to kindergarten, which made me a bit embarrassed, haha. But when I got to meet the director of “Kuuga”, I got so excited! It’s the best set. I’m so happy!

――Tell us the most memorable part of the audition for “Kamen Rider Revice”.
Maeda (Kentarou)-kun happened to be at all the auditions with me, and he was the only person I talked to on my way home. I said to him, “It would be great if we could work together,” and it actually became true!

Comments from Emi Kurara (as Igarashi Yukimi)

――Tell us about your character.
I am playing the mother of the Igarashi Family, Yukimi. She always says, “No matter what happens, we can recover by taking a hot bath.” Just as she says, she’s a loving mother who loves her family and a hot bath. I was told that family is one of the themes of this show. The children are heroes and heroines, but the father’s also a hero and the mother is a heroine! I’ll keep this in mind and do my best for the whole year!

――How did you feel when you were chosen as the cast for “Kamen Rider Revice”?
I had the image that “Kamen Rider” cast members are “people who are selected through auditions and are just starting out”, so I’m really happy to be able to work with the young people who are moving ahead into the future. I’m playing the role of a mother, so I’ll pamper them by always checking if they’re sleeping enough, eating enough, etc.

――You are playing a mother in this show. What are your impressions of the fresh actors playing the three siblings?
I can’t resist their cuteness! I think of them as my real children. They still are shy, so they call me “Emi-san” at the shooting, but I’ll do my best to become a family and make them call me “Mom”.
I’m especially worried about my eldest son since he is going to become a Rider and fight for the world. I’m sure he’ll come back exhausted.
Mom’s going to be waiting for you with a hot bath ready at “Shiawaseyu”, haha!

Comments from Totsugi Shigeyuki (as Igarashi Genta)

――Tell us about your character.
I’m playing the father of the main character Ikki. My eldest son is almost 5 and he’s about the age to start enjoying “Kamen Rider”. It made me happy that I got this role at such a timing! You probably don’t think I’m going to “Henshin”, but “Kamen Rider” continues for a year. You don’t know what might happen! There might be an episode where dad transforms, so I’m keeping my hopes up!

――How did you feel when you were chosen as the cast for “Kamen Rider Revice”?
The first thought that came to my mind is, that I can make my son proud! I immediately told him, “Dad’s going to be in ‘Kamen Rider’!” But when I got the draft of the script, I thought, “Wait. That’s not cool…” Genta is actually an unsuccessful YouTuber, so I thought there’s no way that’s going to make my son proud… But as I said before, I still haven’t given up on my “Henshin”!
On the set, as Kimura (Subaru)-san said, all the young cast members are really serious! I also looked back at myself and thought that I should try to be a bit more serious. I’ve learned a lot from them, and it’s been stimulating and fun.

――I heard that you had a request when you got the job for this show. What was it?
There’s only one request from me! I want to transform! I’m kind of looking forward to the day when the producer comes up to me and says, “You can transform,” haha.
Oh, and there’s one thing I don’t like about the shooting. My sons are too tall! When I stand beside them, it makes me look small! There’s a family photo in the set, and I look like the youngest brother, haha.

Comments from Asakura Yui (as Aguilera)

――Tell us about your character.
Aguilera is the leader of the demon-worshipping organization and plans to destroy the government’s special agency, Phonix. She’s cruel but also has a mischievous side, giving her an expressive personality, so please look forward to her character!

――What’s your impression of your costume?
I think the fine adjustments made it a truly one-and-only costume. More than anything, I feel the love that the staff put into making this costume, so I hope I can repay them by playing Aguilera to the best of my abilities.

Comments from Seki Hayata (as Olteca)

――Tell us about your character.
Olteca is a leading member of Deadmans and is looking for humans that are suitable as a sacrifice. I hope you’ll look forward to seeing how he will stand in front of Ikki and his friends, as well as what happened to Olteca in the past and why he does what he does.

――What’s your impression of your costume?
The best part of this green-based costume is that there’s a skull mark on the chest. I also like the many “eyes” designed on the side of the pants. When I first saw it, I wasn’t sure if I could pull off the look since it was so flashy, but now I love wearing it.

Comments from Hachijouin Kuroudo (as Julio)

――Tell us about your character.
Julio is Aguilera’s bodyguard and is quite hot-blooded. Olteca is the rational one, while Julio acts instinctively. Looking at him objectively, I think he’s similar to me, which makes him an attractive character. I hope you will enjoy “Kamen Rider Revice” for the next year!

――What’s your impression of your costume?
The concept of my costume is Mexico! Each design on the brim of the hat is an “eye”, and the size of the hat was a bit too big at the costume fitting, but they adjusted it to the size I am wearing now. I love it!

Comments from Da-iCE (theme song artist)
We, Da-iCE, have been chosen to sing the theme song for “Kamen Rider Revise”. We’re very happy about it and are looking forward to the broadcast. Kimura Subaru-san is a really good rapper, so there’s a good chance of him joining us in the rap part. We’ve prepared a song that we think is cool, so please look forward to it.

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