It has been announced that Sakura Ayane and Kito Akari will appear as new cast members in the animated movie “Deemo: Sakura no Oto – Anata no kanadeta oto ga, ima mo hibiku”. At the same time, the second key visual and English title were revealed.

This work is the movie adaptation of the app game “Deemo”, which has been downloaded more than 28 million times worldwide. It will be a collab project of Pony Canyon and Production I.G Group. In addition, Kajiura Yuki, who works on soundtracks for “Fate / Zero” and “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba”, is in charge of the music and it also attracted attention.

It has been announced on the stage of “Anime Expo Lite 2021” held online on July 5 that Sakura Ayane and Kito Akari will join the cast. Taketatsu Ayana, who played the role of Alice, the main character whose casting was announced at the time of the project announcement, and Sakura Ayane, whose appearance was announced this time, appeared on the stage.
The second key visual, the announcement of the English title “DEEMO Memorial Keys”, and the release of a special video have all come together.

The second key visual inspired by cherry blossom was designed by Yoshitsugi Yoshida and photographed by Ezura Hisashi. Taketatsu Ayana, who played Alice, after announcing the English movie title “DEEMO Memorial Keys” along with the key visuals, reacted with “I see.” to the subtitle “Memorial Keys”.

In an interview with the creators, general director Fujisaku Junichi, director Matsushita Shuhei, and CG director Sankai Naofumi appeared on the VTR.
Fujisaku said, “I want to convey and show the idea of ‘kindness’ “, Matsushita commented, “I want you to feel that Alice is living here”, and Sankai added, “Each character is alive and dramatic. I value the part of being and having fun. ”

And a new cast member, Kito Akari, who plays Sania, appeared on the VTR, “It is a work that can be enjoyed even by people who don’t know about ‘DEEMO’. It is a work that has the effect of healing music, so by all means I want you to enjoy the sound of the movie theater.”

After that, Sakura Ayane, who will play Rosalia, appeared on the stage, and ensured that all Sakura’s recording went OK on the first go. Sakura recalls, “The setting of the work is very well established, and the staff was confident in creating the flowing atmosphere, so I got on it.”

This time, a corner to play the original game “DEEMO” was also set up. Sakura and Taketatsu challenged, and the stage was full of a lively vibe from beginning to end with the contrasting play content of Sakura who played the game for the first time, and Taketatsu has an experience.

Next, Takashima Kazuna, a 15-year-old diva who sings the theme song of this work, was on stage. She performed the cover song “YUBIKIRI-GENMAN” of the original “DEEMO”. The cast was surprised at the appearance of Takashima who grew up from her diva audition. “I’m really looking forward to the release of DEEMO, which is loved by people all over the world,” she said. In addition, please look forward to the theme song sung by Kajiura Yuki.

Taketatsu Ayana has ended the event, saying, “It’s the movie adaptation of a game that is loved by people all over the world, so I’m happy that we can deliver it to you in a new form. It’s a work that people all over the world can enjoy, so please look forward to it.”
Please be ready for new information in the future and look forward to the movie release.

■■ “Deemo: Sakura no Oto – Anata no kanadeta oto ga, ima mo hibiku”

A castle where the mysterious creature Deemo is playing the piano lonely. One day there, a girl who lost her memory comes down from the sky. Deemo, the girl, the mysterious inhabitants of the castle, and the trees that grow with the tone of the piano create a gentle and sad story of love.

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