From “The Legend of Hei: Boku ga Erabu Mirai (The Legend of Hei: The Future that I Choose)” (to be released on Nov. 7, 2020), the main trailer, poster and news about the theme song, have been revealed. The purchase benefit for the 2nd advanced ticket sale has also been announced.

“The Legend of Hei: Boku ga Erabu Mirai” is an anime movie that was produced by MTJJ, a Chinese manga artist and director, and HMCH Studio.
It became popular after its online anime series was released on a streaming website on Mar. 17, 2011, and it has developed to represent Chinese anime works. The movie that was released after that became a big hit and made 315 million CNYn (about 4.9 billion JPY) at the box office.

In Japan, its Japanese subtitled version was released in Sep. 2020. Even though it was shown in small scale, it received praise from anime fans, and other people involved in anime. Finally in Nov. 2020, its Japanese dubbed version will be released nationwide. The cast include Hanazawa Kana as Xiaohei, a black cat monster, who was forced out of his home by humans, Sakurai Takahiro, Miyano Mamoru, Saitou Souma, Matsuoka Yoshitsugu, Sugita Tomokazu, Toyosaki Aki, Minase Inori, Cho, Otsuka Hochu, Ugaki Misato, and others.

The trailer that was released this time features Xiaohei, a black cat monster, who was forced out of his home by humans, making his own path as he is struggling between humans’ and monsters’ life, through meeting various monsters and humans.
Please do not miss the battle scene that the movie highlights.

‘Unity’, the first single of LMYK after she made her major debut, has been chosen as the theme song, and is played in the trailer as well. The song was produced by the legendary production team Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis that have also written for Janet Jackson, Chaka Khan, and Utada Hikaru.

“The Legend of Hei: Boku ga Erabu Mirai” will be released on Nov. 7.
Starting on Oct. 16, the 2nd advanced ticket sale will be on sale priced at 1,500 JPY (tax included). If you purchase it, you will be given a clear ticket holder as a benefit.
Please check out the official website for more information.

I was attracted by the characters and story full of kindness and hope.
It features serious topics such as symbiosis of humans and animals, and environmental destruction, but on the other hand, it depicts love for friends, and their never-give-up attitude subtly and unapologetically portrayed.
I was moved by such a composition, which played an essential for me to produce the theme song for the Japanese dubbed version.

Everyone is different, so we clashed with each other. However, we are not special. We all are looking in the same direction, and we all are pursuing a place that can feel comfortable. Xiaohei is innocently growing up in a world, where there is no right answer, and he made me realize that.

I am so honored that ‘Unity’ was chosen as the theme song for this work with wonderful animation and story. Conflict and harmony are two sides of the same coin. However, I believe that this movie and song will be an opportunity to bring about a huge change.

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