Tencent’s ongoing manga “Tōng Líng Fei”, “Tsūrei-hime”, or “Psychic Princess” is animated, and will be distributed in Japan starting Nov. 12, 2019. The key visuals and character info are available now.

In “Psychic Princess” the heroine Qiānyúng has to replace her sister and marry the protagonist king Yè, and progressively falls for him in this light-hearted part-comedy anime.
It’s set in ancient China at the Emperor’s court, among the throne wars and undercover clique power struggle… Storms invade the young couple’s common fate. Then, overcoming the misunderstandings, a romance blossoms and sings its tune.

The unveiled key visuals portray the heroine Qiān Yúng Xī who was left at the gates of Líng Yún shrine at the age of 6 months because of a political power shift, and the protagonist, and the protagonist Yè Yōu Míng who saw his mother getting killed and has shut his heart away in bitterness and disgust.
Another main character, Yè Yōu Míng’s dear brother, Yù Zǐ Mò also appears. He had fallen in love with Qiān Yúng Xī.

The anime “Psychic Princess” will be distributed across Japan starting Nov. 11, 2019 with Chinese voiceover and Japanese subtitles at Videomarket and more.

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