It was revealed that Saito Souma, Matsuoka Yoshitsugu, Sugita Tomokazu, Toyosaki Aki, Minase Inori, Cho, and Otsuka Hochu will join the Japanese dubbing of China’s anime movie “The Legend of Hei: Boku ga Eranbu Mirai (The Legend of Hei: The Future that I Choose)” (Will be released on November 7, 2020).
Also, Ugaki Misato will be challenging her dream as an anime’s voice actor for the first time and the comments from each of the casts have been revealed.

“The Legend of Hei: Boku ga Eranbu Mirai” is an anime movie that was produced by HMCH Studio under MTJJ, a China’s manga artist and anime director.
The story takes place in a world where the spirits have lost their habitat due to the destruction of nature by humans, and it revolves around the black cat’s spirit Xiao Hei, who had lost his habitat due to deforestation.

The additional casts that were announced are Saito Souma, Matsuoka Yoshitsugu, Sugita Tomokazu, Toyosaki Aki, Minase Inori, Cho, Otsuka Hochu, and Ugaki Misato.
The characters that the cast will voice are Xu Huai by Saito, Luo Zhu by Matsuoka, Ten Fu by Sugita, Shui by Toyosaki, Nezha by Minase, Grandpa Jiu by Cho, and director by Otsuka. For Ugaki, she will be voicing the flower spirit, the important character that welcomes the main characters, Mugen and Xiao Hei to the human city, and this will be her first time challenging being an anime’s voice actor.

The announcement of the Japanese dubbing of “The Legend of Hei: Boku ga Eranbu Mirai”, which was made a few days ago, has become a hot topic. As this work will have an extravagant lineup of voice actors, including Hanazawa Kana as Xiao Hei, Sakurai Takahiro as Feng Xi, and Miyano Mamoru as Mugen, the hype for it is gradually increasing.

The anime movie “The Legend of Hei: Boku ga Eranbu Mirai” will be released nationwide on November 7, 2020.

Saito Souma as Xu Huai
The works itself is quite interesting, so do watch it before I further explain!
Do enjoy the world setting of this work on the big screen and superb audio.

Matsuoka Yoshitsugu as Luo Zhu
I am grateful that I had encountered this work. This is a story that make you wonder where will this warmth and the characters will be heading to? Do enjoy and feel it with your heart.
P.S Matsuoka cry like a kid at home.

Sugita Tomokazu as Ten Fu
The trust of the precious comrade and the strength when one is being entrusted.
Do look forward to it.

Toyosaki Aki as Shui
This is a work that is filled with the various hidden themes of life.
I hope you would enjoy the world setting and characters first.

Minase Inori as Nezha
I hope you would watch this work in the theatre as it is a gentle story that was born from the encounter between humans and the interspecies, fairy.
After you watch it, please do shout out the cuteness of Xiao Hei at social media!

Cho as Grandpa Jiu
Instead of Grandpa Jiu, it more like Grandpa Cho. I’m sorry for this.

Otsuka Hochu as Director
There are various highlights, including the scale that is different from Japan’s anime and the personalities of the mysterious yet charming characters. Do look forward to it.

Ugaki Misato as Flower Spirit
I love anime and I always have the dream of participating in one, but I was surprised as I didn’t expect to be able to participate in this popular work as a voice actor.

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