Based on the BL novel, the Chinese anime series”Mo Dao Zu Shi” had exceeded 40 million views in 3 days after streaming in Japan .

The anime series “Mo Dao Zu Shi” is based on the BL novel under the same title that was web-serialized in China from 2015 to 2016, andbroadcast on the video service “Tencent Video” in 2018. A delicate and magnificent story with beautiful characters attracted attention, surpassing 40 million PV in 3 days of the release, and won the 1st place in the anime access ranking of the site.
Moreover, the original work has also been turned into a live-action drama under the title of “The Untamed”.

Since there are many loyal fans in Japan, Sony Music Solutions and Aniplex together made it come to Japan.
The announcement about the time of release and the media will be revealed as soon as it decided.

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