The 3rd season of the TV anime series “Mr. Osomatsu” has started broadcast on Oct. 12. In the first episode, new sextuplets that are suitable for the Reiwa era had appeared. Comments from the cast members, including Hanae Natsuki, Ishikawa Kaito, Shimazaki Nobunaga, and others, who played the new sextuplets, have arrived.

The TV anime series “Mr. Osomatsu” is based on Akatsuka Fujio’s famous gag manga “Osomatsu-kun”. It is a story about sextuplets who are the main characters becoming sloppy adults called useless neets.

As usual, the 1st episode is an unprecedent story that develops from current affairs to harsh black jokes. Among them, the appearance of “new sextuplets” became a hot topic on the SNS. The setting art is the same as the usual sextuplets, but they appear more stylish in the hoodie and tuxedo..

Instead of the old sextuplets, the new characters that fit the Reiwa era that appeared, are voiced by current popular voice actors. Hanae Natsuki as the new Osomatsu, Ishikawa Kaito as the new Karamatsu, Shimazaki Nobunaga as the new Choromatsu, Matsuoka Yoshitsugu as the new Ichimatsu, Uchida Yuma as the new Juushimatsu, and Murase Ayumu as the new Todomatsu.

Moreover, comments from the new cast of the sextuplets have arrived. After recording the 1st episode, Hanae said, “I had a mysterious sense of accomplishment “, Uchida added after reading the script, “I ended up appearing in a ridiculous work”, and other BTS (behind-the-scene) comments have been received.

The 3rd season of the TV anime series “Mr. Osomatsu” is currently being broadcast on TV Tokyo and other channels.

New Osomatsu: Hanae Natsuki
I was thinking about what role I’ve got, but when I opened the script, I immediately closed it because I didn’t understand a single thing. I went along with the flow during the recording for the 1st episode. There were some ambiguous moments which I didn’t really understand

New Karamatsu: Ishikawa Kaito
Even before I became a voice actor, I loved Nakamura Yuichi’s acting and longed do the same thing. Right now, while working as a voice actor with the support and interactions with many people, I have the opportunity to meet with Nakamura-san, but I do not know that my admiration will remain. When I heard about the cast and about the role of new Karamatsu, I thought about being the successor of Karamatsu-san played by Nakamura-san. Together with the Nakamura-san’s acting nuance from the personality of Karamatsu, I expanded the image of Yu-chan in myself to the limit and opened the script in a perfect posture.
The first line was, “What is this…”. The second was “Not good…”. It didn’t make much sense.
All the emotions other than interesting were blown away by the sense of this work. Bye bye.

New Choromatsu: Shimazaki Nobunaga
As expected, no, it was more than what I had expected. After reading the script of the first episode, I couldn’t stop laughing. The casts of the new sextuplets are also wonderful members, and I enjoyed the recording sessions very much. It was an honor for me to be entrusted as the new Choromatsu.

New Ichimatsu: Matsuoka Yoshitsugu
I played, thinking, “Maybe this is a future of ‘Osomatsu-kun’?” Please check out our version of “Mr. Osomatsu”
As for the impression of the first episode, I was surprised… It’s messed up (laugh)
After the recording was over, I felt comfortable and strangely tired (laugh).

New Juushimatsu: Uchida Yuma
After seeing the previous seasons for reference, I read the script for the first episode… This guy is hopeless. I ended up appearing in a ridiculous work. References from previous seasons are no longer helpful (laugh)
What exactly is “Mr. Osomatsu”?
I hope you will find the answer in this 3rd season.

New Todomatsu: Murase Ayumu
I watch it in advance and felt the energy and fun of the work, so I honestly felt the pressure from acting the new sextuplets (laugh).
At the same time, I was happy to be honored and entrusted with that role.
The recording itself was quite fun, so I hope it will leave an everlasting impression on everyone!

(C) Akatsuka Fujio / Mr. Osomatsu Production Committee