“Mr. Osomatsu”, the ongoing TV anime , held an online Christmas live titled, “Iyami and Totoko’s Merry Christ’Matsu’! ~Shey naru Yoru~(Holy Night)” on its official YouTube channel on December 24, 2020.

Since the broadcast was held on the Christmas Eve, several voice of the fans waiting for the event had been posted on Twitter. When the live stream started with a title call, the spokesmen Suzumura Kenichi and Endou Aya with Santa outfits appeared on the stage, where the decoration is made specially for Christmas night. The event started with Suzumura Kenichi saying, “although it is little difficult to see each other at the actual event, but I hope we can have a wonderful Christmas Eve together”.

This live stream asked the fans “how they spend their Christmas Eve night” via letters in advance, and also welcomed the Twitter posts during the live stream. Many comments from the fans have been sent since the original goods will be given to the fans whose letters or posts were read during the event. Fukuyama Jun (playing Ichimatsu) and Kamiya Hiroshi (playing Choromatsu) with reindeer outfits appeared on the stage to show the original goods. Fukuyama passionately introduced himself. “I am Fuku-Reindeer-Yama Jun!!”, while Kamiya made a fighting pose and said, “I am the Reindeer Man!” in front of camera. Twitter was put in the whirl of excitement since it is very rare to see them in reindeer outfits.

Moreover, the rest of the casts of 6 siblings later appeared on the stage. Sakurai Takahiro (Osomatsu), Nakamura Yuuichi (Karamatsu), and Ono Daisuke (Juushimatsu) made their appearance through phone calls, and Irino Miyu delivered his message via a letter. The common topic among the casts were “how everyone was spending their Christmas Eves” and “the honest comments after completing the first half of Season 3”. Regardless of the expectation to hear the honest negative comments, the casts agreed that they “do not have much negative feeling toward Season 3″, and the casts are also surprised at each other for not having any complaints.

In addition message cards from the story editor Matsubara Shuu and the director Fujita Youichi arrived at the event. Matsubara expressed his affection towards Endou saying, ” I love Totoko. I love Endou-san”, and director Fujita said, “after finishing 21 consecutive work days with one-day off twice, I do not feel well. I need HELP!” showing us how he’s keeping being busy.

The last section was review quiz. Four difficult questions related to each cast was shown on the screen. As a response to the question, “On episode 4-‘Ichimatsu Radio’, what was the family name of the fake director, who works for a fake show of Ichimatsu, titled ‘Deep Night Hour’?”, Kamiya commented, “it is little embarrassing if I get this wrong”, and got the right answer, “Director Kanda!”. The casts continued to worked together to answer difficult questions, including “On episode 7-‘Dociking’, what kind of a tree is displayed in the cockpit on the spacecraft, where Choromatsu is working as a pilot?”.

At the closing, all 4 casts seemed to enjoy the event. Kamiya commented, “I realized again how fun Mr. Osomatsu is!”, while Endou sadly commented, “It is very sad to end this event, since I did not expect to participate in such an entertaining party as an adult”. The live stream will be archived until 11:59 p.m. on December 31 on the official “Mr. Osomatsu” YouTube channel.

(C) Akatsuka Fujio/Mr. Osomatsu Production Committee