From the Netflix series, “Romantic Killer”, the promotion movie and key visual with 3 handsome characters encountering Kyoko, are released. Moreover, it has been announced that Umehara Yuichiro, Kajiwara Gakuto, and Hanae Natsuki are playing those 3 handsome boys. The names of Tsuda Kenjiro, Iwami Manaka, and Shimono Hiro are introduced as the assisting characters.

“Romantic Killer” is the busy youth romance comedy by Momose Wataru, which is currently serialized at “Shonen Jump+” from Shueisha. It is the story of Hoshino Kyoko, a high school girl with “non-heroine” nature, who spent most of her life on video games, not fashion and romance, meeting a witch Lili, who wants Kyoko to experience romance for “a certain reason”.

The main promotion movie is titled “Anti-Ikemen (handsome) Paradise” and introduces 3 handsome boys called Tsukasa, Junta, and Hijiri, in front of Kyoko, claiming to avoid all romance chances brought by Lily to retrieve her time to spend on her hobby.

There are surprising scenes, including Kyoko smashing the heroes down on the floors and her showing wild reactions not familiar to ordinary heroines. The situations somewhat unique are attracting the audience to look at Kyoko’s panic.

The key visual released together with the movie is depicting “romantic killer” Kyoko, who fights for her time to spend on her hobby against 3 handsome boys and event familiar in manga targeted for girls. Can non-heroine characteristic girl Kyoko avoid romance chances and retrieve her ordinary life?

The cast members for “best handsome boys” are decided to be Umehara Yuichiro, Kajiwara Gakuto, and Hanae Natsuki. Tsukasa, the most handsome boy in school and tired of romance, is played by Umehara, Junta, who is a childhood friend of Kyoko, the super star of high school baseball, and who innocently loves Kyoko more than anyone else, is played by Kajiwara, and Hijiri, a son of the rich family and believes that all ladies have fallen in love with him, is played by Hanae.

Moreover, the assisting characters for 3 handsomes and Kyoko are played by Tsuda Kenjiro, Iwami Manaka, and Shimono Hiro.
Hijiri’s butler Tsuchiya is played by Tsuda, Kyoko’s best friend Saki, is by Iwami, and Tsukasa’s good classmate Masato, by Shimono. The expectation rises toward gorgeous members around the main characters.

Netfliex series “Romantic Killer” will be streamed exclusively from October 27, 2022. The official goods will be on sale on the date of the release. The goods are designed under a great care toward characteristics of each character designed on each item.

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