From ‘Osomatsu-san’ comes ‘Oie de Sugomori [Stay at Home] T-Shirts ‘ (a total of 6 kinds) featuring 6 deforme caricatures of the children and ‘Washable Mask’ (total 6 kinds) with a simple design of the six children’s image color and pine mark. Pre-orders are now being accepted on and other websites.

“Osomatsu-san Sugomori T-Shirt” features Chara-Ani’s original ‘Niitengomu!” illustrations making this a cute and cheerful t-shirt with lots of illustrations.

There are a total of six different designs for each of the six children. The various expressions of the six children are beautifully printed on the t-shirt, and it is an easy to wear, loose-fitting t-shirt made of light, comfortable fabric. Let’s wear these T-shirts at home and enjoy watching anime.

“Osomatsu-san Washable Mask” is a washable cloth mask in the color of each of the six children’s characters. It is designed in soft color with a pine mark and star pattern.

The cloth is made of cycling jersey and the inside is a combination of antibacterial and deodorizing silver ion and bamboo charcoal fibers. The material is quick-drying and washable, and there is a pocket on the inside of the mask to store filters and tissues.

The price of ‘Osomatsu-san Sugomori T-Shirt’ is 4,500 JPY (excluding tax) each. “Osomatsu-san Washable Mask” will be sold for 2,000 JPY each (excluding tax). Pre-orders are now being accepted on and other websites; the items will be released in Dec. 2020.

(C) Fujio Akatsuka / Osomatsu-san Production Committee