TV anime “Mr. Osomatsu”, has released a 2-patterns of visuals of the waiting (naked/patiently). Also, the official WEB radio “Shee Wave Osomatsu Station” was broadcast on 9pm, Oct. 12.

The visuals were newly drawn for the purpose of the first broadcast. It depicts 2-patterns of the sextuplets, after being successfully saved in “Iyami’s Plan to Steal the Main Role” that was planned by Iyami (voice: Suzumura Kenichi) to steal the main role, waiting (naked/patiently) in front of the TV.

Also, toward the first broadcast of season 3, the WEB radio “Shee Wave Osomatsu Station” was streamed on the Osomatsu Official YouTube Channel on 9pm, Oct. 12. Sakarai Takahiro, voice of Osomatsu, will appear as a guest and they will talk about season 3.

TV anime “Mr. Osomatsu” season 3 has started broadcast at 1:30 am, Oct. 13, on TV Tokyo and other channels.

(C)Akatsuka Fujio/Mr. Osomatsu Production Committee