TV anime “REVENGER” will be broadcast from January 2023. The character PV of Usui Yuen, who is the beautiful and mysterious leader of handyman group has been revealed. The comment from his cast Umehara Yuichiro has arrived as well.

“REVENGER” is the original anime by Nitroplus and Shochiku, which depicts dark hero action of 5 assassins. The story begins when a sword master Soma Raizo, who was betrayed and lost his home, gets hired newly by the assassin organization for powerless victims called “REVENGER”.

The 2nd character PV released is for Usui Yuen.
Usui Yuen, played by Umehara Yuichiro, is the leader of the handyman group who eliminates the target mercilessly using the gold powders. He is widely known as a popular lacquerer and a secret handyman. While he acts nobly with calm and elegant attitudes, he often hides true personality from others, since he is a follower of a forbidden belief.

The character PV released this time is the mixture of kind Usui and cold Usui, which shows the audience that the character has multiple personalities.
In addition, the assassination scenes have been revealed as well. Usui’s technique to choke the target with gold powders show his mercilessness and elegance at the same time.

Umehara commented on Yuen , “Yuen has opportunities to talk with people in various positions, while putting masks on or showing his natural feelings, therefore his characteristics can be seen from multiple angles. I sometimes have difficulty finding out his true feelings when playing him”.
Yuen’s famous line, “Repent your guilt, as you are in front of the merciful Santa Maria”, is another point to pay attention.

TV anime “REVENGER” will be broadcast from January 2023.

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