The second work of CONTELLING, a brand which finds the joy of drama reading performed at Maihama Amphitheater on Mar. 13, 2022. The performance photos have been released.

Following the first ‘For Now, Oolong Tea,’ Morita Tetsuya (Farewell, Youth Light) was in charge of the script and director for this work. Stunning voice actors such as Umehara Yuichiro, Enoki Junya, Sakamoto Chika, Seki Tomokazu, Hikasa Yoko, and Morikubo Shotaro dressed in chic costumes unified in black, performed well for the first comedy reading drama.

This performance consists of eight parts: ‘Parents’ Grace,’ ‘Oaji-ya,’ ‘Please Give Me a Daughter,’ ‘Those Who Open the Door,’ ‘Old Friends,’ ‘Each Lifestyle,’ ‘Three Choices,’ and ‘Dream Chaser.’ It is an omnibus-style control of a story, and is full of highlights such as the role of a grandmother for Umehara, the role of Showa’s father played by Morikubo, and Seki’s role as a crazy director. The meaning of ‘Parent’s Grace’ which is also the title of the performance has become clear.

At the curtain call of Chiakiraku, each cast who challenged the comedy drama reading for the first time expressed their impressions one after another with excitement, such as “It was really fun!,” and finally Morita who acted as a scriptwriter and director took the stage. Morita said, “I had fund watching it.” He expressed his admiration for the voice actors, for their ability to play the script many times. “But there are to many ad-libs,” which made the casts a little confused yet made the venue even more exciting.

In addition, the night performance can be viewed in the archive until 23:59 on March 21 (Monday). (Tickets are available until 21:00 on March 21)