“Fanfare of Adolescence”, an original anime that is set in a horse riding school, will be broadcast in the spring of 2022. The cast members include Hanae Natsuki, Yano Shogo, and Tsuchiya Shimba. Information about the cast and staff, the teaser visual, and the teaser PV have been unveiled.

“Fanfare of Adolescence (Gunjo no Fanfare)” is an original TV anime that depicts the adolescence of boys, who belong to a horse riding school to aim for jockeys. It will be broadcast in the spring of 2022.

Directed by Kato Makoto(“Bloom Into You”, “Lord El-Melloi II’s Case Files {Rail Zeppelin} Grace note”, etc.), the character design is handled by an illustrator Kanzaki Hiro (“Oreimo”, etc.), the music is handled by Sawano Hiroyuki(“Attack on Titan”, “Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn”, etc.), and the animation production is handled by Lay-duce(“O Maidens in Your Savage Season”, “I-Chu”, etc.).

Moreover, information about the main characters and cast have been revealed. Yano Shogo will play the role of Arimura Yu, who is a former popular idol, Tsuchiya Shimba will play the role of Kazanami Shun, a boy who was raised on an island, and Hanae Natsuki will play the role of Grace, who was born into a distinguished family in England.
The main footage was produced through interviews with an actual horse riding school to pursue reality and power. Let’s look forward to the drama of the boys that have finally been admitted to the 3-year training course of jockeys at a horse riding school.

The TV anime “Fanfare of Adolescence” will be broadcast in the spring of 2022.

■”Fanfare of Adolescence”
Director: Kato Makoto
Character Design: Kanzaki Hiro
Music: Sawano Hiroyuki
Arimura Yu: Yano Shogo
Kazanami Shun: Tsuchiya Shimba
Amane Grace: Hanae Natsuki

(C)Fanfare Anime Project