Voice actor Namikawa Daisuke’s TV program “Namikawa-n-chi ni Shuugou Na! (Let’s Meet at Namikawa’s!) will be broadcast from January 2023 on BS Nippon TV, TOKYO MX, and other stations. The program will be narrated by Sugiyama Noriaki, and guests will include Shimono Hiro and Tsuda Kenjiro. A comment from Namikawa was also released.

“Namikawa-n-chi ni Shuugou Na!” is a talk show in which various guests come to “Namikawa’s house (studio)” to talk about diverse topics. The guests will talk freely in a relaxed atmosphere as MC Namikawa will draw out their charms.

Shimono Hiro will be the guest for the first and second episodes, followed by Tsuda Kenjiro for the third and fourth. They will talk about their work, hobbies, and personal lives, as well as behind-the-scenes stories, which is not often shared. Other guests will also be invited for the future episodes.

Voice actor Namikawa Daisuke’s own TV show, “Namikawa-n-chi ni Shuugou Na!” will air on BS Nichtele from January 11, 2023, and TOKYO MX from January 12, 2023. The program is also scheduled to be distributed through various other services. A video with Namikawa’s comments is now available on the program’s official Twitter page.

(Full text of Namikawa’s comment)

Daisuke Namikawa

A new program will begin. Whether it will be a leisurely time or a wild one will depend on each guest, but I hope to deliver things that are not usually talked about or seen. I hope that each guest will have a different expression or atmosphere that can only be seen at that particular time.

Our first guest is Shimono Hiro. He and I are good friends, so we talked like we usually do, but we also had conversations about behind-the-scenes stuff that we don’t usually share, such as where he stands as an actor. Kenjiro Tsuda comes next. Tsuda is serious and talks about what he likes, and I hope that this program will be a place where everyone can share and enjoy such a relaxed time with him.

We tend to work a little too hard in front of the camera and on stage at events, so we hope you will enjoy the other sides of Kenjiro’s personality, which he shares with us but not with his fans.

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